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Reverse engineers a database using foreign key constraints. Output format is a graphviz dot file representing the ER diagram.




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Eindwerkdotnetdb - Groepseindwerk in .NET

2 eindwerkopdrachtenDB-connectie over LAN Refactoren bestaand programma

Ibm-db - Python support for IBM DB2 and IBM Informix

Python, DB-API, Django/Django_jython and SQLAlchemy components for IBM DB2 and InformixProvides Python, Django and SQLAlchemy support for IBM DB2 and Informix Components (Python Eggs):1. The ibm_db Python Egg contains: ibm_db driver: Python driver for IBM DB2 and IBM Informix databases. Uses the IBM Data Server Driver for ODBC and CLI APIs to connect to IBM DB2 and Informix. ibm_db_dbi: Python driver for IBM DB2 and IBM Informix databases that complies to the DB-API 2.0 specification. Checkout t

Dv2tenterpriselibrary - dV2t Enterprise Library

dV2t Enterprise Library: Data, Cache, Security, Utilities,... Use .NET Framework 2.0 or lates Example: public EmployeeInfo GetById(dV2t.Data.Database db, int Id){\tdb.NewDbCommand("GetEmployee", System.Data.CommandType.Text, "SELECT * FROM EMPLOYEES WHERE ID = " + Id);\tEmployeeInfo re = dV2t.Data.Cbo<EmployeeInfo>.FillObject(db.ExecReader("GetEmployee"));\treturn re;}public List<EmployeeInfo> List(dV2t.Data.Database db){\tdb.NewDbCommand("ListEmployees", System.Data.CommandType.Text, "SELECT *

Mysqlviz - MySQL and SQLite Database Visualisation Tool

Render a graphical representation of a MySQL or SQLite database from a mysqldump or sqlite3 .dump file. NewsNow with sqlite support! FeaturesCan infer foreign key relationships if you do not have them defined Handles partial dumps (FK to tables that are not defined within the dump) Fast! Uses sed and grep for data extraction (MySQL only) Example Click the image to view the mysqldump file from which it was generated. Downloadmysqlviz Usage[mysqlviz - mysql + sqlite database visualisation tool]usa

Simple-database - Simple Database

A Simple .Net Database Library based on IQToolkit. SimpleDatabase uses SimpleMapping, which extends BasicMapping of IQToolkit, and follows Convention over configuration concept. If your class name (entity name) and property/field name are matched with table name and column names, no mapping required. If they are not matched, you can use simple Attributes to make mapping. Samples: \t//entity samples\tusing (Db db = Northwind.GetDb())\t{\t //insert \t using (DbTransactionInfo tr = db.BeginTransact

Dboperator - .NET类库: 通用数�连接类库.

基于.NET的通用数�连接类库,支�SQLServer�Oracle�MySQL�SQLite�ACCESS�DB2。 使用示例, 请�览: http://soncy.cnblogs.com

Mongoproviders - DLF ASP.NET Providers for MongoDB

The DLF ASP.NET Providers for MongoDB are now available from NuGet or via the Downloads section. This implementation of the ASP.NET 2.0 Providers includes the following providers: Membership Provider Role Provider Profile Provider Session State Provider This implementation does NOT include the following providers: Site Map Provider Web Event Provider Web Parts Personalization Provider If you are having trouble getting the ASP.NET Web Site Configuration Tool to work, check out this wiki entry.

Mongo-tartan-cms - Tartan ASP.NET MongoDB CMS System

This is a .NET, MVC 3 and MongoDB CMS system. As of this check in it is far from complete and needs quite a bit of refinement, but is a start for a simple MongoDB based CMS solution. Quick Start: 1. Get MongoDB and get it running locally (http://www.mongodb.org) 2. Get some initial content by using NUnit (http://www.nunit.org/) to execute the test: Tartan.Tests.PageControllerTest.SetupData(); 3. Open ASP.NET Configuration by selecting Tartan.Web in Solution Explorer then choosing: Project/ASP.NE

Secure-multiuser-chat-file-server - Secure multi-threaded chat server and P2P file transfer client.

The secure multi threaded chat server & P2P file transfer client supports following feature set: -> Multi user Server -> Chat Client -> P2P File Transfer -> Secure Communication {Diffie Hellman / AES (Rinjdael)} -> Password based authentication -> Access DB for users -> Passwords are saved in hashed form in data base -> A utility to hash the password

Nsimpledb - Desktop version of Amazon´s SimpleDB

Amazon just announced its SimpleDB online database web service offering. This sounds very interesting - but there are three drawbacks to it. 1. Currently (Jan 08) it´s only in limited beta, so not everyone can actually get his/her hands on it. 2. It´s solely an online service, so you can´t play around with it while not being connected to the internet. 3. From that also follows you´re forced to use different APIs if you want to store data online as well as offline. To help overcome these draw