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Use an ODBC database to generate and manage LDAP directories (ActiveDirectory, NT/ADSI, Domino, Exchange and later any LDAP-compliant directory) in a school and/or university environment. Later versions offer Unix/Linux support (generation of passwd/shad




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Mixclouder - Get and update id3 tags of mixcloud downloaded mp3s

Get and update id3 tags of mixcloud downloaded mp3s for iphone. RequimentsPython 2.6+ Internet Explorer (tested on IE8) Internet connection Configurationmixclouder.py last lines example: updateInfos(listDir(r"s:\\Mp3\\__mixcloud__\\Hip-Hop", ".*mpeg"), db, u"Hip-Hop")updateInfos(listDir(r"s:\\Mp3\\__mixcloud__\\Dance", ".*mpeg"), db, u"Dance")updateInfos(listDir(r"s:\\Mp3\\__mixcloud__\\Electro", ".*mpeg"), db, u"Electro")updateInfos(listDir(r"s:\\Mp3\\__mixcloud__\\Chill", ".*mpeg"), db, u"Chil

Edb-php-class - EDB Php Database Class

EDB is Php -> Mysql Database class.Latest Version v-0.1.3 About: Its very lightweight, simple, and easy to use, good start for begginers. Multi database Support. Edb class is only 5Kb. UsageConnection #1 $db = new edb('example.com','username','password','databasename');Connection #2 $config = array('example.com','username','password','databasename');$db = new edb($config);Select from table #1 $result = $db->q("select * from `users`limit 3");foreach($result as $a){\techo $a['name'].' '.$a['surnam

Dbmigrate - DB migration for Java applications

DescriptionSimilar to 'rake migrate' for Ruby on Rails this library lets you manage database upgrades for your Java applications. SetupChoose a version table name for your database. The default is db_version. Choose a package within which you will store all your classes and scripts for migrations. Create a directory within that package named after your database (in lowercase, e.g. mysql). Create a script in that directory named migrate0.sql and in that script create the version table and insert

ar-backup is a very simple plugin for rails to handle database backups

Latest update: Nov 28 2007 ( patch submitted by Cyril Mougel) fixed : ar-backup not working properly when the OS isn't in English (svn issues) fixed : can't create a backup folder on windows when the revision isn't defined enhanced : speed has been improved since we are now parsing the local svn files. Active Record backup is a Rails plugin which lets you backup your database schema and content in a schema.rb file and fixtures. Backups are organized by environments and SVN revision. ar-backup is

Werkzeugkasten - Java Tools Project for Quickly Programming.

This project is quickly and minimum java toolset for anytime code writing. Server bootstrap eclipse plugins. this will support H2 Database Engine is very fast and minimum RDB. Apache Tomcat(6.0.x , 5.5.x) is most popular Web Container. Jetty6 is fuctional and alternative Web Container. SDLoader is simple Web Container. Now availably beta Released Plugins are DbLauncher is Launching Plugin for H2. WebLauncher is Launching Plugin for Web Container. Now availably alpha Released Plugins are DirBuild

Hoc-csv2x3d - Python tools for converting Radiohead's "House of Cards" csv data to X3D

This project offers a Python script for converting Radiohead's House of Cards csv data to X3D. The script can be extensively parameterized to convert to different X3D geometry types (standard and non-standard conform ones). Directly get it here (or via the Source tab): http://hoc-csv2x3d.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/hoc-csv2x3d.py Usageusage: hoc-csv2x3d.py [options] <action> Convert Radiohead's "House of Cards" csv data to X3D.actions: convert Convert csv data to X3D. scene Build a X3D scene using

Php-dbcache - the proxy-cache for PHP and MySQL

the php-dbcache is a PHP extension written in C for caching SQL queries. It is PHP extension for mysql and using as proxy. The result of the SQL Query caching on the file system. The cache filename is md5 from SQL text. So, there is a two-level hierarchy of directories for more faster access. The php-dbcache module using mysqli connection. You can not use the caching, for INSERT or UPDATE operators. You can get part data from cache by fetchFrame() method Installation1. cd dbcache 2. phpize3. ./c

Cleverstyle - A set of django template tags for using clevercss code instead of css.

Cleverstyle django template tagsThese templatetags can be used in your Django applications to load stylesheets and css code based on the awesome clevercss python module. There is a similar project http://code.google.com/p/django-clevercss/ which allows you store your clevercss code in the db and call it from the templates. I used the file extension .pcss for no other reason than it's easy to identify. A .pcss file is a file written in clevercss code which will be used to generate css files and c

Zerocore - zero 起点

zero 起点php框架. 模版引擎,目�基本功能已�开�完毕,处于测试阶段, 实现了MVC的VC 下阶段是把M开�出�, 里�有帮助手册的chm文档, sql数�库例� zero 1.01 更新: ��db.inc.php少一个free()释放结果的方法 2�public.fnc.php 删除autoMkDir()递归生�目录的方法, 以�用系统函数mkdir('/a/b/a/a/a',777,p)代替 3�优化匹�标签算法 4�增加$zero.img $zero.style $zero.tpl 指�

Perletl - a perl written etl tool

this is a pm for ETL,now the first version support DB2,in the features,maybe add mysql,Oracle etc. perl连接DB2方�1:DBI::DBD 1组�部分 -getDbHandler �DBconnect(),建立并获�数�库连接 -PrepareExecuteSql 预编译SQL -TransRollback 出错事务回滚 -disconnect 与DBconnect()相�,销�数�库连接 2执行部分 -executeSQL 执行完SQL�我们手动关闭连接,用于处�多行SQL -executeOnceSQL 执行完SQL会自动关闭连接。 -getSelect 获�结果