Automatic Database to Web or Other App

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Point it to a database and it creates Java classes, JSP, and Flex code. Emits code for create, update, delete, and search. Emits code for Flex charts. Then customize the code as needed. Tested with MySQL, Oracle, and Postgresql. Also can take a query and



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Pysms2db - Python app which uses smpplib to recieve SMS messages from an SMSC and populates a mysql

Python app which uses smpplib to recieve SMS messages from an SMSC and populates a mysql DB. The idea was developed during the Haiti disaster, in an attempt to setup an SMS donation system.

Maven-db-plugin - Database plugin for maven2

maven pluginsmaven-db-plugin (sql) maven-mongodb-plugin (MongoDB) repository configuration: <repository> <id>maven-db-plugin-repo</id> <name>maven db plugin repository</name> <url></url> <layout>default</layout> </repository>goalsdb:create - execute the create database statements db:drop - execute the drop database statements db:schema - execute all of the scripts in the schema scripts directory db:data - execute all of the data in the schema s

Andromed - For a better world

Android application designed for 2 targets: 1. awareness about deseases 2.Data Collecting and synchronisation Andromed uses db40 for data storage and replication services. See also AndromedDesk and andromed server at

Pg2luciddb - Bridge between PostgreSQL frontend&#39;s protocol and LucidDB column-oriented database

LucidDB is the first and only open-source RDBMS purpose-built entirely for data warehousing and business intelligence. It is based on architectural cornerstones such as column-store, bitmap indexing, hash join/aggregation, and page-level multiversioning. See for more details. Currently LucidDB has only JDBC and ADO.NET providers and that's why can be used only from JAVA or .NET apps. The main goal of PG2LucidDB project is to fill this gap & make it's possible to use the p

Appengine-mp - App Engine Model Plus: An experimental abstract model for Google App Engine

App Engine Model PlusApp Engine Model Plus is an abstract layer extends db.Model. What is it?It keeps the same comportment of db.Model but add a cache layer with memcached. It overrides several methods from db.Model to take it more efficient. App Engine Model Plus helps also to fine tune the comportment of your calls to the datastore. You can configure deadline, retries, and read policy easily. This project is really young and needs some efforts to test it. Please report any bugs or inconsistenc

Drevo - Projects tree

English LanguageSub-Projects: Ixxo (J2SE,Swing,Multi-Thread app) Drevo (Ajax,JSP,DB) Ру��кий �зыкПодпроекты: Ixxo (J2SE,Swing,Multi-Thread app) Drevo (Ajax,JSP,DB) FAQ: Ча�то задаваемые вопро�ы

Lazydb - For lazy PHP programmers working with database

IntroductionUsing LazyDBBatch UpdatingFunctionsHelp and Support This has been moved to github: IntroductionLazyDB class is equipped with functions that help PHP programmers interact with database easier. Currently LazyDB supports PHP5 (preferbly 5.3 and above) and mySQL. Features: Minimize the amount of php code needed Pre-made functions to support SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE queries. Batch insertion. Batch updating. Supports logging SQL error to a log file so tha

Jverify - System Binary Verifier and Replacer

JVerifyA simple Java app that enables you to monitor for changes in any file on your Unix system, most notably executable binaries, thus alerting you to a possibly backdoored file. It does this by hashing the file contents and persisting the hash, with the additional capability to store the entire content of the file compressed, in order to be able to replace the compromised file. Usageusage: jverify -config <arg> the location of the configuration file -help displays this help info -initialise <

My-first-app-harbor - Asp.Net MVC 3 template that runs on App Harbor

This is the first app I got running on App Harbor's platform. It is virtually the same as the current Asp.NET MVC3 Web application template. Follow the instructions at App Harbor for getting started: Once your application is online you will need to follow the instructions below to initialize the database. Otherwise the Log On feature (MembershipServices) will not work. See