Database Organizer

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Database Organizer is a graphical schema editor. The schema can be transferred from a database ( any of them - Oracle, Postgres, msSQL, etc. ). It includes an SQL builder, schema comparator, index viewer, etc.



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Citadel is a collaboration suite (messaging and groupware). It provides support for Email, Calendaring/Scheduling, Address books, Bulletin boards, Mailing List Server, Instant Messaging, Wiki, Multiple domain support.

Amazon SimpleDB PHP Class

This is a PHP class designed to provide an easy REST-based interface to Amazon's SimpleDB service. It is based on based on Donovan Schonknecht's Amazon S3 PHP class, found here:


The MonetDB project has moved to

The on-line manual database

man-db is an implementation of the standard Unix documentation system accessed using the man command. It is used by several popular GNU/Linux distributions, including Debian and SuSE. This project has moved here:

S3dbdoc - javascript client application to S3DB deployments

S3DBDOC is the light weight javascript interface behind, for basic data entry in S3DB deployments. S3DB is a semantic database system. For more information see

Qsardb - QsarDB Java API and toolkits

QSAR DataBank (or QsarDB for short, or QDB for the shortest) is an emerging proposal for the electronic organization and archiving of QSAR/QSPR model information. The QsarDB specification is available at QsarDB for developers: OSGI bundle QsarDB for application end users: Conversion toolkit Curation toolkit MM and QC workflows toolkit Prediction toolkit QsarDB by example: Open Notebook Science models.

Db4o-server - Managementtool for the oodb DB4O

DB4O-Server is a GUI-tool to configure a server (databasefilename, port, user, password). Also you can set a timer to backup automaticly the database. This project needs the following jars: 1) MyDateTime.jar from this project Downloads 2) Transponents.jar from this project Downloads 3) DB4Oxxx.jar from 4) Swingx.1.6.jar or higher from

Etree-on-lma - Greasemonkey script for embedding information on the Live Music Archive

etree-on-lma is a Greasemonkey script that simply adds a link to record information to Live Music Archive (LMA) pages that have a "shnid". The db.etree link shows up under the "Resources" section of the LMA page. Tested on Firefox 3.6.x currently. Feel free to modify the script for your own purposes (in accordance with the license). Documentation:Install Greasemonkey plug-in for Firefox Click this link: install and accept the installation Navigate to a Live Music Archiv

Rpostgresql - Connecting R & PostgreSQL using DBI

SynopisRPostgreSQL provides a DBI-compliant database connection from GNU R to PostgreSQL. Development of RPostgreSQL was supported via the Google Summer of Code 2008 program. The package is now available on the CRAN mirror network and can be installed via install.packages() from within R. A mailing list is available at Google Groups as rpostgresql-dev; it is also mirrored at Summary of basic usage1. dbDriver(drv, ...) instantiates the driver object. Eg