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C++ implementation of the DAWG and trimmed DAWG data structures. Supports basic string searching.




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Direct Acyclic Word Graph

Yodawg - Arbitrary depth "Yo Dawg Yo Yo" generator

The Yo Dawg Generator is a tool that creates "Yo Dawg" style pictures embedded on Yo-Yos. The pictures on the Yo-Yos are themselves "Yo Dawg Yo-Yo" pictures, etc., and the user is allowed to specify the depth. Appropriate descriptive text is also generated, and can be either clarified or obfuscated as desired. For more information, visit the main project page.

Dawg-paws - A pipeline to annotate plant genome sequences

THIS SITE HAS BEEN MIGRATED TO SOURCEFORGESourceforge Web SiteSourceforge Project PageProject ScriptsThe following is the previous documentation on this site. IntroductionThis is the code repository for DAWG-PAWS A Distributed Annotation Working Group Pipeline to Annotate Wheat Sequences. DAWG-PAWS is a set of command line programs written in Perl and is released under version 3 of the GNU General Public License. Scripts in development are available for individual download at the project's subve

Pet-gateway - PerlEmailTwitter Gateway

Self-hosted, self-explanatory twitter gateway. When you only have email access but want twitter access, this is the way to go. "Yo dawg, I heard you like Twitter, so I put a Perl script on a server so you can Twitter while you email." - kmactane from reddit

Mp3dawg - Waits for new .mp3 files to get on your computer and automatically normalizes them using M

This Windows application runs in the background and waits for new .mp3 files to get on your computer. Once it found one, it uses MP3Gain to normalize the waveform, so that the user will get a complete audio collection on the same volume.

High Performance Enterprise Library by FishDawg

This .Net class library is designed to integrate into enterprise applications to help support their high performance and reliability requirements. The focus of the Enterprise Library is to provide simple and robust mechanisms that take full advantage of the amazing capabilitie...

Dotnetperls-controls - Collection of reusable C# components for .NET 3.5

This is a companion source code project to my website Dot Net Perls, which is dedicated to sharing code and knowledge primarily about .NET. The code files here includes algorithms, objects, programs, and functions for C#. Some examples are Memory Watcher (as featured in the Firefox 3 article) An easy and fast anagram class for C# A directed acyclic word graph in C# Single-instance Windows app class in C# .NET NGEN.exe C# class to optimize startup times Useful C# segment code for CSV files Comman

Mashup-beussery-dawgfeed - dawg feed

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

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