DaVinci Web Engineering Framework

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DaVinci is a development framework for model-driven Web Engineering. It provides an UML-based modelling concept as well as an architectural framework and an API for the rapid development of heavily extensibly, secure and stable web applications.




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DaVinci application framework for PHP

THE PROJECT HAS BEEN REPLACED WITH DaVinci4j! DaVinci is a generic framework for web applications implemented in PHP4. It's based on the MVC design pattern and features a common request handling interface, Data Management, Database-Abstraction, etc.

Kbang - KBang is a multiplayer wild west-themed card game.

KBang 2009-11-05: daVinci Editrice oficialy announced the release of "BANG! the videogame" due within February 2010. As the CEO of daVinci Editrice told me, this is the main reason why they cannot give us permission to use the copyrighted material. 2009-10-16: Unfortunately I did not manage to make a deal with daVinci and I decided to close down the project. I am also planning to create a new one that would be based on the original source codes, but without any copyrighted material. Stay tuned o