Calendar Sparrow

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``A little sparrow has all stuffs of a bird.'' Calendar Sparrow is a little pretty calendar in what you can record anything and search it later. Enjoy it!



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Erminig - An application to synchronize Google calendar and GPE Calendar on the Nokia N770/N800

This project moved to maemo garage : This is a python application to synchronize Google Calendar and GPE Calendar on the Nokia N770/N800 internet tablets. erminig 0.2.7 is the current developpement version. What does not work ? Moving an event to a calendar to another Changing a single event from recurrent event ... Documentation Downloads http://david.hautbois.f

Introvertedchampions - Appointment management.

This project was built for Professor David Smith in the Georgia Tech College of Computing within the context of Senior Design. The purpose is to create a dynamic and self-sustaining system in which users can register and sign up for appointments, based on a calendar system. Counselors can post their availability, and candidates can register for valid time slots. Email notifications may be a part of the system as well.

Mashup-david-heggie-mytestcal - Calendar

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Mashup-david206-test1 - Calendar

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Ftr-gwt-library - Gwt Date and Calendar Widgets

We are stopping developing the file upload widget. This so we can put more effort in the gwt calendar widget. We reccomend as replacement the widget. An update :-) It took a while but here it is. We added some views and features in the date picker. Also the the "update" and "add" events are split. There is an UPDATE_DONE wich signals that the update was suscefull and the panel can be redrawn. If there are any issues please register them. The maven upload wil b

Minimalist - A Google Chrome extension that lets you take control of the way you experience your fav

ANNOUNCEMENTSSorry about the lack of updates. Been busy at real work, will continue to maintain. Please post bugs and feature requests in the issue tracker: Please ask questions or give feedback to me at my email: [] Right now the UI is not where I want it. Especially the Edit page, it's busy and cumbersome. This will be improving a lot, I promise. Questions about permissions? See PERMISSIONS section below. WHAT DOES IT DO?Centrali

Cuny-me - The features of the CUNY in app form!

How often have you had to run to the computer to check your schedule, because you didn't know the room number? How much time have you wasted trying to navigate eSims or CUNY Portal on your phone, frustrated by the layout? Imagine a world without those inconveniences!! The CUNYMe application will take all the pertinent information from the CUNY website and aggregate it into a simple, easy to use interface on your Android phone. We are planning to include the functionality of Blackboard, eSims, sc


Ajax Loader for Google™ is an extension that adds an ajax loader to the Google™ pages (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Reader, Google Sites, Orkut and Google Plus). If you want to change the loader, please follow these steps: Go to the [MENU] -> Tools -> Extensions -> And click on this extension options. (see the last screenshot) This extension may need an APNG extension from David Mzareulyan, available at