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DateChooser is a Java class that allows a programmer to present the user with an input dialog for easily choosing a date and feeding it to the program.



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Servoy-stuff-datechooser-bean - Servoy Stuff DateChooserBean

Please note that this project has been relocated to ServoyForge

Flexible-js-formatting - Fast, flexible JavaScript libraries for formatting and parsing numbers and

This project consists of two libraries that dynamically build a formatting function for number and date formatting. The date formatting is very similar to PHP's functionality; it also permits parsing dates. The number formatting is similar to MS Excel formatting. The technique of building a function to implement each formatting instruction leads to cleaner code that is richer in functionality and much faster than other popular libraries, as proven by benchmarks. There is also a date chooser appl

Playbook-as3-lib - BlackBerry Playbook ActionScript Library

Action Script Library of controls and utilities to help with the development of Adobe AIR based applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Library includes a client side replacement of the Dialog package and addtional controls like CheckBox, List, TextArea, TextInput, DateChooser and TimePicker.

Flash-calender-component - Calender component for Flash CS4 IDE

A date chooser or calender component for Flash CS4 IDE. It can be completely customised as it only requires to alter the moviclips. The releases could be found on the tags not on main trunk. Version 0.1 is a class lib and FLA with moviclips. Version 1.0 is a SWC and if you wish the class lib,the source is also available. Details of each version is in the WIKI.

gtk-date-chooser - Gtkmm-based Date-Chooser widget

Gtkmm-based Date-Chooser widget

date-chooser - A date chooser gui control for Racket

A date chooser gui control for Racket

Ningyu-project - TechSoft

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