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DataVision is a reporting tool similar to Crystal Reports. DV supports many data sources (JDBC, files) and many output formats (HTML, XML, PDF, LaTeX, Excel, delimited files, DocBook). DV includes a GUI editor. DV is embeddable. Reports are XML-based.



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Struts2datavisionplugin - A Struts2 plugin providing integration with the open-source reporting pack

What Is This Plugin?This plugin provides a new Result type and package for Struts2 that allows you to easy integrate with DataVision. Configuration is very easy (nearly everything has an intelligent default, you could literally get away with only a single configuration parameter) yet flexible (there are multiple ways to configure all parameters). With DataVision in your Struts2 application, you can produce PDF, Excel, LaTeX, DocBook, comma-separated and other formatted output for display or down

DG16080 - Simple Arduino 1.0+ Library for the DataVision DG16080 GLCD

Simple Arduino 1.0+ Library for the DataVision DG16080 GLCD

datavision - misc data-visualization projects

misc data-visualization projects

DataVision - An open source reporting tool

An open source reporting tool