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This is project is used find an efficient way to transfer the massive data via TCP/IP.




Related Projects

Eclipboard-echo - EClipBoard

EClipBoard merupakan framework yang digunakan untuk mempermudah proses yang berhubungan dengan proses Clipboard atau lebih dikenal dengan proses Copy Paste

Transfer4dotnet - A .net component for data transfer by means of C/S in C#

This project is a .net class library for data transfer by means of C/S. a. it can send heartbeat data to the other side periodly for alive. b. it provide universal interface of data to send. This lib only run on 32 bits platform.

Sktool - Java based tool for basic communications via sockets

There is actually no way to tell what's this going to be... just relax and wait... eventually something usefull might come out of it. Update: Current developement is aiming to provide a solid layer for a client to server data-transfer. General Thoughts: Currently I'm thinking about building a Java-based filesharing-tool. Features it should have are: Client to server data transfers (FTP like) Client to client data transfers (like "send file"-function in many common chat programs) Multiple clients

Drag'n'Drop Interface

Cross-browser Javascript Drag'n'Drop interface, based on MS's drag-and-drop and dataTransfer technologies. Library implements core d'n'd functionality only, providing full control over process by event handlers and plugins.

Dtsproject - DataMINX Data Transfer Service

DTS OverviewDTS is an open-source project. We are developing a) a document-centric message model for describing a 'bulk data transfer activity,' b) an accompanying set of platform independent components that can be scaled according to circumstance for brokering the transfer of data between different storage resources as scheduled, fault-tolerant batch jobs. The architecture scales from small embedded deployments on a single computer to large distributed deployments through an expandable ‘worke

Octave-gridtoolbox - Gridtoolbox for GNU Octave

The Gridtoolbox for GNU Octave provides an methods to access the Globus Toolkit Grid middleware. Currently it focuses on data-transfer and authentication, so Octave could be used as backend for Grid computing tasks.

Html5uploader - Drag & drop files to browser using HTML 5, PHP and JS

Upload files to browser using drag & drop (HTML5)Java Script library exploits the potential of HTML5Manufacturers are investing in well-known browsers functionality to belong to the standards of HTML 5 and CSS 3 despite the fact that according to Philippe Le Hegareta, a representative of the W3C, the standards will not be ready for wider deployment until the middle of next year. Thanks to the activities of producers, we can now develop and test new possibilities for web applications. Among them