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Datatables-asp-mvc - DataTables plugin with asp mvc using Linq

A little project to handle DataTables with server side processing.

Simple-data-table - Data Table for JQuery

Jquery Plugin that implements a dataTable system.

Jens-datatables-plugins - Plugins for Data Tables

I am currently using dataTables ( in many projects. It is a powerful jQuery-based table setup that allows the user to sort and search in many ways. I have created some plugins for datatables that are useful to me and I hope they are useful to others.

Jquery-datatables-column-filter - JQuery DataTables Column Filter plugin

IntroductionJQuery DataTable pluginJQuery DataTables plugin is an excellent client-side plugin that enhances client-side HTML table and adds various functionalities such as pagination, filtering, ordering etc. It also has good API that allows you to customize plugin e.g to add individual column filtering in the headers or footers. Some of the functionalities you migh need comes out of box and can be directly configured in the datatables initialization function, but for some of the other function

Jquery-datatables-editable - JQuery plugin that adds editable functionalities to the data table

JQuery DataTables EditableJQuery DataTables Editable plugin enhances standard HTML table by adding the following data management functionalities: adding new records to the table selecting and deleting records editing cells Look of the HTML table when JQuery DataTables Editable plugin is applied is shown below: There are standard navigation functionalities such as pagination, ordering, filtering by keyword, changing the number of items that should be shown per page. All these functionalities are

Jquery-datatable - jquery datatable plugin

This is a jquery datatable plugin.It's work on jQuery framework! This Plugin is tested on jQuery.1.2.6!Please See This Package including jQuery.1.2.6! The current version is 1.0Beta! New features: 1,Support json and array dataSource; 2,Easy to setting , and 's width,class and css; 3,Support no refresh data update; 3,Esay to localize by create a jquery.datatable-xx_XX.js file. and more come soon...


Rails plugin for the jQuery Datatables library

Datatables-serverside-php-oo - Server-side script for jQuery DataTables plugin

DescriptionThis is a class written in PHP designed to handle the server-side processing of DataTables jQuery plugin. It takes the parameters passed by the DataTables plugin, like the columns names and number of results per page, and build the queries to database automatically. UsageHTML: <table id="results"> <thead> <tr> <th>Title</th> <th>Date</th> </tr> </thead></table>Javascript: $('#results').dataTable({ bServerSide: true, sAjaxSource: "?action=getTableData", aoColumns: [ { "sName": "title"

Jquerymulticolumnselectbox - jquery multi column selectbox

Jquery Multi Column SelectboxA jquery plugin that creates a multiple column selectbox 2 column dropdown box Try demo Directions for Use: 1. Include of course jquery.js and jquery.multicolselect.js <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.multicolselect.js"></script>2. Create a div with a table name the identify the div with a class "ex. datatable" <div id="datatable"><table cellspacing="0"

Ajaxtable - Struts2 Plugin for build a Table with YUI and Prototype

AjaxTableTagVersion: 0.9 beta Developer: Mijail Espadas Dependencies: Prototype 1.6.0, YUI Datatable 2.6.0 Documentation This is the documentation for AjaxTableTag. This is a plugin for Struts2 that enables a dynamic table (pagination, sorting, column resizing) built with YUI datatable component.The Ajax request is done through Prototype 1.6.0 library and it should return a response with a well-formed HTML table. Once the response is returned to the page, the AjaxTableTag convert this table into