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DataSpace is open, standards based implementation of a data web. DataSpace is designed to analyze remote data and to mine distributed data. DataSpace servers are designed to scale from commodity networks to high performance networks. DataSpace inte



Related Projects

Scidesktop - SciDesktop Developer Library

Project hosts required artifacts and the sample code to implement a SciDesktop Developer Tool. Find more about SciDesktop at

Rtag - An extension to A-3 middleware (it.polimi)

rtag : Tuple Assisted Grouping for REDSrtag enables a distributed system to perform self-organized configuration, monitoring, discovery, and recovery of its groups. We applied a shared data-space model (i.e. Tuple Space) not even to inform components about adaptations of the environment also to let them gather information, interact, and coordinate with each other. The key idea is to use a tuple space for clustering the network. The system is build on top of a spatially distributed data space. Co


A genetic algorithm in Python for evolving programs that write a given string to an allocated dataspace, using a made-up machine language with only 7 instructions and flow reversal.


EQUIP, the EQUATOR Universal Platform, a framework for developing distributed interactive systems such as Ubicomp installations and pervasive games. It is based around a data-space concept. *NEW* EQUIP2 targets J2EE, J2ME and C++ applications.

Vfd - Versatility For Data

vfd -- Versatility For Data. vfd purpose is to have libraries and utilities to be used in experimental and research setups. vfd provides: - DataSpace -- fast specialized data storage (n-dimensional arrays with symbol indexing) - (planned) flexible visualization of large amounts numerical real-time data.

Quarry - Efficient RDF processing using Python and PostgreSQL

Quarry is a triple store implemented in python and PostgreSQL. Instead of using one large triple table, data in Quarry is split into ''signature tables''. There is one signature for each unique set of properties describing any resource. For example, one resource might have properties lastname and firstname, while another resource might have properties lastname, firstname, and department. Two signature tables will be created in Quarry. This simple abstraction offers significant performance benefi

Mysql-heap-dynamic-rows - MySQL Heap (Memory) Engine - Dynamic Row Format Support

This project provides support for variable size records (aka dynamic row format) in MySQL Heap (Memory) Engine. Contributed under GPL2 by eBay, Inc April 2008 As of March 2008, MySQL Heap Engine of any version is limited to fixed row format. It allocates fixed memory size for each record stored in a given Heap Table. For example, if table A has a VARCHAR(4000) column, MySQL will use at least 4000 bytes (plus other columns and per-record overhead) for every record regardless of whether it has tha

School - Dataspace


Itemis-project - Information Technology and Embedded Integrated Systems

AboutThe ITEmIS project,, aims at integrating traditional Information Technology systems (servers, grid infrastructrues, PCs etc.) and Embedded Integrated Systems (sensors, and applications on PDAs and smart phones etc) in a workflow application. In effect, the ITEmIS systems are realized as business workflows that are composed of services provided by heterogneous IT and Embedded systems. We have leveraged BPEL 2.0 extension mechanisms, that is, we have introduced a specia

ids-tools - INCF Dataspace utilities

INCF Dataspace utilities