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DataNucleus provides Java data persistence and management platform allowing federation of data as well as JDO, JPA and web services interfaces. It supports heterogeneous datastores (RDBMS, MongoDB, LDAP, Excel, XML, NeoDatis, JSON, ODF, BigTable, HBase, Cassandra)



Related Projects

Java Persistent Objects (JPOX)

JPOX was an Apache2 licensed standards-driven Java persistence implementation. It is replaced by DataNucleus


Cumulus4j is an encryption plug-in for DataNucleus. Applications can thus use JDO or JPA to persist their data into every common database. Using the Bouncy Castle cryptography libs, it provides strong encryption via AES, TwoFish or other algorithms.

Datanucleus-appengine-patch - Patch/workaround for some of the missing features of "DataNucleus

The project was created to share a workaround or patch for some of the missing features in the Java datastore plugin for Google App Engine. Some of the features this will give at workaround to is "Polymorphic Relationships" and "Queries by super class" This project is a patch for the project "DataNucleus plugin for Google App Engine" NOTICE this patch will make JDO queries include subclasses by default, as the JDO spec describes. The first focus of the project will be "Polymorphic Relationships"

Joda-time-jpox - Project aims to add mappings necessary to persist Joda Time objects using DataNucle

Joda Time - DataNucleus/JPOX supportOverviewJoda-Time is a quality alternative and improvement on the JDK Date and Calendar classes. DataNucleus is a JDO/JPA compliant persistence engine. This project supplies class mapping for Joda-Time classes to be persisted using DataNucleus/JPOX. RequirementsJDK 1.3+ DataNucleus 1.0.0+ or JPOX 1.2.2+ Joda-Time 1.5.0+ Releases0.8.2 - Updated to DataNucleus 1.1.x releases. 0.8.1 - Fix for including types back into the default fetch group. 0.8.0 - Updated depe

Datanucleus-store-mongodb - DataNucleus MongoDB Datastore

datanucleus-store-mongodb is a MongoDB Store for DataNucleus. It supports very simple write and read support and is far away complete.