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Simple system for displaying civic features and problems on a rasterised map. Useful for signalling graffiti, rubbish in an urban context or adding features to a map, Simple to set up and use,.



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datamaps - Maps for interactive data visualizations in Javascript

Maps for interactive data visualizations in Javascript

Ooglue - object oriented mapping library used for managed languages.

ooglue This library is one of my solutions to the ORM model. Rather than generating code or providing deep in depth descriptions in external resources. I plan on design and developing a tight, yet flexible and granular coupling between data and objects. Also, another problem with most popular ORM tools, that I find is the inability to use stored procedures and efficiently design data. This solution is to allow that functionality. It's the best of both worlds, O/R Mapping and efficient data.

Blackbirdui - The Blackbird UI is a PHP-driven user interface for data management

Our codebase has been moved to GithubSource code: Documentation: Blackbird is a fully customizable data management system built with the understanding that no two websites are the same, nor are their management needs. Instead of dictating a pre-defined schema for content storage, retrieval and manipulation (as most CMSs on the market do), Blackbird separates content, style and structure to adapt to any number of formats, fro

Emit Mapper

Powerful customisable tool for mapping entities to each other. Entities can be plain objects, DataReaders, SQL commands and anything you need. The tool uses run-time code generation via the Emit library. It is usefull for dealing with DTO objects, data access layers an so on.

2lt - Two Level Transformation

A two-level data transformation consists of a type-level transformation of a data format coupled with value-level transformations of data instances corresponding to that format. Examples of two-level data transformations include XML schema evolution coupled with document migration, and data mappings that couple a data format mapping with conversions between mapped formats. This project provides a framework for two-level transformations and front-ends for several languages. Theory and Implementat

Soaride - Soar IDE

Note: Soar IDE is downloaded and installed through Eclipse's update mechanism. The update site link is More detailed installation instructions are here. Open source release of Soar Technology's Soar Integrated Development Environment. The Soar IDE is an advanced editor for the Soar programming language based on the Eclipse platform. As an Eclipse plugin, the Soar IDE leverages all of the core features of Eclipse including a flexible UI, update manager,