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A set of php scripts to manage your data for selected DB. All your tables will be shown you for data management on them. MySQLDataManagement is intended to add / edit / delete / list records on selected table - DB .



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pyMantis is a data-management system for (systems) biology build on the web2py framework. It features: tree based file explorer, relational db table wizzard with automated creation of user interfaces, internal and external access management, wiki, ..

Dms-gridsim - Data Management Service Grid Simulator

This is a simulator for a data management service in a Grid environment.

Zanzo - Spreadsheets with Oomph

Zanzo is a web based utility that provides the speed and flexibility of spreadsheets with the power and structure of a relational database. Emphasis is on speed and ease of use. Project website

Generic-db - a global database to save and manage all kind of data

is it possible to manage all kind of data such as receip, movies, contacts, or schedules in a simple generic database ? the theory is ok but i want to try it out and see if i can realise a good GUI for this purpose.

Phpbasement - Data API

PHP back-end API to create, manage, and remove data in MySQL database. PHPBasement currently includes files for user management and supports functionality for: Account creation Account login Captcha security Email verification The base API file can be extended with ease to a wide range of different needs.

Dirac-grid - DIRAC Distributed Computing (Grid) System

The DIRAC project provides a generic framework for building grid computing systems. It is compliant with the grid security standards and has the necessary components for workload and data management in distributed computing environments. Its modular architecture allows easy customization of the system for specific user communities. The whole DIRAC functionality is conveniently accessible through a secure Web Portal by administrators and users. DIRAC is used by the LHCb experiment at CERN for ope

Ftools-qgis - A collection of tools for analysis and management of spatial data in Quantum GIS

ftools-qgis provides a set of advanced spatial analysis tools designed to extend the functionality of Quantum GIS, a free, open-source GIS. Currently, ftools-qgis features: 1) manageR - Interface to R statistical analysis Provides advanced statistical functionality within QGIS by loosely coupling QGIS with the R statistical programming language. Allows upload of QGIS layers directly into R, and the ability to perform R operations on the data directly from within QGIS. It interfaces with R using

Taproject-data-access-layer - TAProject's data access layer

IntroductionThis is code's examples which manages all database transactions. I wrote it in 2009, thus I sure that it's terrible code, but this code is programmer's way on which I am getting better day by day. DetailsLayer architecture: IConnectionManager is wrapper at IDbConnection IDataManager (as the name implies) manages all transactions and contains logger's insertions. IQuery and abstract classes, which implemented it, is wrappers over database entities. Diagramm How it usestring connection