Data Generators for Data Generator Plan

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Data Generators will allow developers to add mining-full testing data to Databases through a Data Generation Plan in Visual Studio.



Related Projects

Rxrdg - Regular Expression Random Data Generator

Data generator that generates random data conforming to the chosen regular expression. The code is complementing a series of articles starting at ReadableCode. 20.06.2011: Repo has been converted to hg.

Lorraine-dto-test-generation - A java library for generating dtos for tests via the definition of ba

This is a library that enables the conversion of a homogeneous collection of objects into a heterogeneous one based on the logic of a set of user defined rules. The purpose of this could be to create a varied data set for use in unit tests or a realistic data set to allow full system testing. These user defined rules are created programatically either through traditional object creation or via the usage of fluent interfaces. These "rules" generally consist of an edit or change that should take p

Mlocd - It procide classifiers do supervised learning on data with concept drifts.

The full name on the current project mlocd is Meta Learning on Concept Drift, this project aims to create a framework for supervised learning processing data with concept drift. The entire project consists of two parts; 1 The first part is a data generator. It geneartes synthetic data to simulate the envionment that the underlying concepts in data evolve with time. 2 The other part is the implementation of algorithm that trains meta classifiers on data with concept drifts.

DbPro Generators

The main goal of the project is to share data generators for Visual Studio Database Edition.


Data generator tool which supports many data types (primitive data types,but also names,addresses,post codes,etc.) and generates data in various formats (text,xml,db).It provides a GUI and is extensible by means of plugging-in new data-generator classes.

Parse-eyapp - LALR Parser generator

Parse::EyappCasiano Rodriguez-Leon Dpto. Estadistica, I.O. y Computacion. Universidad de La Laguna Abstract:Parse::Eyapp (Extended yapp) is a collection of modules that extends Francois Desarmenien Parse::Yapp 1.05. Eyapp extends yacc/yapp syntax with functionalities like named attributes, EBNF-like expressions, modifiable default action, automatic abstract syntax tree building, dynamic conflict resolution, translation schemes, tree regular expressions, tree transformations, scope analysis suppo

SharePoint Data Generator

SharePoint Data Generator automatically populates SharePoint lists with realistic test data.

Data-generator - RDN Data Generator is a software product for generating data.

RDN Data Generator is a software product for generating data, based on a provided data model.

Datagen - Random Data Generator

This software can be used to generate random data for databases, files etc.

Test Data Generator

This project aims at creating huge volume of test data for MSDE,SQL SERVER 2000, SQL SERVER 2005. The project currently supports the above databases and can create the specified number of rows for any table , keeping in mind the foreign key relation ship. The tool can be helpf...