SQL Server Data Exporter

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Simple tool to export data from SQL server database tables as SQL insert statements into a text file. It's developed in C#.




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.NET Data Export Examples

This project is created to export data in C#,VB.NET from database,listview,command to PDF, Word,Excel,RTF,Html,XML,Access,DBF,SQL Script,SYLK,DIF,CSV,Clipboard

Data-exporter - Java library to export the tabular data into many output formats

Overviewdata-exporter is a Java library to export the tabular data (like List of rows) into many output formats. As of latest release, this library supports following formats. Text (tab delimited) CSV Html Xml Wiki Json Text Table Along with these output formats, library has following features. Designed as streaming consumer so this could be used to process huge data set Consumes the Java types as they are without being converted to Strings first Supports String, Currency, Number, Date, Date Tim

Data Export

DataExporter is a module for DotNetNuke. It allows to export Data from the DotNetNuke database. Module supports Excel, XML and CSV formats for export. Users interface allows to select source of Data: Tables, Views or Custom Query. It simple, easy and fast tool for DNN Admins.

Epicnms - Monitoring framework for time based numeric data.

Highly scalable fault-tolerant numeric time-series collection/presentation version 1.2 (stable: http://epicnms.googlecode.com/files/epic-server-1.2.8-r1.noarch.rpm) open source, utilizing true open source software with no license costs easily scales to a tested two million datapoints per minute data-storage server (4 x 2.2ghz xeon processors) flexible user-interface popup graph viewer (demo) dynamic time chooser via area select or click-to-focus autocomplete ds fields based on query filter resul

DataExporter - Contao Extension: Provides content elements for exporting data.

Contao Extension: Provides content elements for exporting data.


[Symfony Bundle] Easy export data to CSV, XML, JSON, Excel, HTML file. Project maintained by @piotrantosik