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DataDumper dumps any PHP-resource on the screen or in a file. The variable/object/other resource is displayed with syntax highlighting, indenting and variable type information in a very intuitive format. File and linenumber of the call is displayed.



Related Projects

Evedata - Java - Hibernate mapping on the datadump

This is a library that maps Java classes on the database dump CCP provides to players of EvE Online. It's build using maven and uses Hibernate for the mapping between Java and database.

Imdbdumpimport - Parser and Importer for IMDB database dump files

This project imports the IMDB database dump (available at into a relational database. It currently supports import of only (movies,actors,actresses,languages,genres and ratings data). The plan is to extend the functionality to the entire database dump. The parser is (being) written in Perl and imports into a mysql database, but allows the user to plugin additional serialization options.

Pycsvdiff - CSV file differ written in Python

Descriptionpycsvdiff is a tool for diffing comma separated value (CSV) files. DBA's may find it useful to debug data-dumps, while programmers might integrate it with an automated testing solution to verify that data exports don't regress. FeaturesWill use field labels in diffs if specified Ability to skip fields (e.g. timestamps) using field numbers or field labels as specifiers Optional case insensitive diff Can use labels to map out-of-order columns between CSV files Variable verbosity Built-i

Discogs-sql-importer - Python program for importing discogs XML dumps to an SQL database

This is a python program for importing the discogs data dumps found at into a PostgreSQL database. MySQL or other databases are not supported at the moment, but you are welcome to submit a patch. Steps to import the datadumps: Download and extract the data dumps Create the empty database: createdb -U {user-name} discogs Import the database schema: psql -U {user-name} -d discogs -f discogs.sql The XML data dumps often contain control characters and do not have root ta

Check-proxy - c module for perl, using to check if a ip is proxy

it's a c module for perl, we can use this module to check if a ip:port is a valid proxy. there is a queue in the module, and using mutex to control the thread, so it's thread safe. #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Data::Dumper; #use lib "./module"; use ExtUtils::testlib; use ProxyChecker; #my $tmp_arr = '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '

Entitiesdatabase - An entity model database engine

An entity model database engine. Entry: <entityId, attributeName, value> Query: Datalog Engine: BerkeleyDB Language: Java Commands list:help: shows the commands listgui: opens a graphic interfaceexit: closes the applicationadd_examples: fills the database with example datadump: prints the database contentput_random: generate random data to fill the databasecout: prints the number of entities stored$x(...):-$x(...): Follow some examples(Like in a shell, you can get your last command with the up a

R00th4ck - r00t-h4ck

package BeerDB; use Maypole::Application; use Class::DBI::Loader::Relationship; sub debug { $ENV{BEERDB_DEBUG} || 0 } # This is the sample application. Change this to the path to your # database. (or use mysql or something) use constant DBI_DRIVER => 'SQLite'; use constant DATASOURCE => $ENV{BEERDB_DATASOURCE} || 't/beerdb.db'; BEGIN { my $dbi_driver = DBI_DRIVER; if ($dbi_driver =~ /^SQLite/) { die sprintf "SQLite datasource '%s' not found, correct the path or " . "recreate the database by runn

Data-Dumper - Release history of Data-Dumper

Release history of Data-Dumper

Data-Dumper - The venerable Data::Dumper core Perl module

The venerable Data::Dumper core Perl module

perl-Data-Dump - Data::Dump - pretty printing of data structures

Data::Dump - pretty printing of data structures