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DataBind is a Java API for persisting any Java object to a data store such as an SQL database using XML files to map the object to the data store.



Related Projects


Transparency is a semantic template engine for the browser. It maps JSON objects to DOM elements by id, class and data-bind attributes.


Cross-Platform Mvvm Platform for MonoTouch, MonoDroid, WP7 and WinRT. Includes databinding support for Android XML, for MonoTouch XIBs and for MonoTouch.Dialog. The vNext branch is now live!


A simple Java-to-RDF databinding framework for transparent mapping JavaBean-like objects to RDF resources and vice versa.

MooiNooi MVC2LINQ2SQL Web Databinder

mvc2linq2sql is a databinder for ASP.NET MVC that make able developer to clean bind object from HTML FORMS to Linq entities. Even 1 to N relations (with EntitySet<>), and manage automatically collections: Adding, Updating and Editing entitySet from UI Html form... :)

WPF Inspector

WPF Inspector is a utility that attaches to a running WPF application to troubleshoot common problems with layouting, databinding or styling. WPF Inspector allows you to explore a live view of the logical- and visual tree, read and edit property values of elements, watch the data



Bindinglistview - Implemetation of IBindingListView interface for .Net Framework 2

Implemetation of IBindingListView interface for .Net Framework 2

Dotnetbindings - Experiments in BindingList&lt;T&gt;

Doing stuff with BindingList<T>, INotifyXXX and the like

Silverlight Library 1.0

Silverlight Library ia a collection of useful classes to help Silverlight 2.0 developers.