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The DataBean package is a java library providing functionalities of mapping a database table to a Java class (databean). The instances of the databean classes can perform common database operations without using much of the ugly SQL.



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a new, fully object oriented persistence framework for java;client/server, transactional, garbage collected, with persistent versions of the Collection classes, XML export/import, security, it aims to replace (not just complement) relational db solut

Puresilk-android - PureSilk Android Framework Components

Provides some common utilities for Android applications. The initial release includes an async HTTP framework and a SQLite DataBean framework that can be plugged into an Android activity. The HTTP framework defaults to JSON WebRPC style communication but can also request and process XML and other Text content. The SQLite module uses the Android XML String Resources to provide meta data for building and accessing SQL data on Android devices. The package consists of a Db class that manages the act