data backup

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the php mysql data backup script.



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Digidiamond - This is a personal Web site/media server and backup solution for myself

I'm using to backup my personal p.c. and to server up media such as my music and movie collection. I will be playing with jQuery, CakePHP, and other related web technologies in this project.

Friendsbackup - Online, distributed, decentralized backup using freely available resources

Everybody has tons of free space these days, but all of it is fragile. Storage will fail, so backups must be made. Online backup seems to be the best bet these days. But current, centralized solutions rely on fragile storage or expensive redundancy. Why not pay for online storage with something you have tons of? Your own free storage space.The idea is, that if you want to backup N GB of data, and you want to have M levels of redundancy, you need to provide N * (M + 1) GB of local storage to the

DataBackup - Data backup solution for the Hayden Lab setup.

Data backup solution for the Hayden Lab setup.

DataBackup - Backup your MODX Revolution database

Backup your MODX Revolution database