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A toolkit for simulation and evolutionary design for robotics.




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Buddypack - BuddyPress BuddyPack: A Pack of BuddyPress Child Themes by Michael Kuhlmann

Official Site at www.AvenueB2.com BuddyPress BuddyPack (B2) is a collection of five GPL licensed Child Themes for BuddyPress, which includes the following: Avenue K9 (Basic), Copernicus, Jukt Micronics, Fishbook and Darwin. Avenue K9 is a fixed-width theme to accommodate 1024x728 screens. Jukt Micronics is a minimalistic plain white, fixed-width theme with red accents. Copernicus is a 8-in-1 dark theme with interchangeable colors (blue, green, pink, purple, red, gray, white and yellow). Fishbook

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