DART: DNA, amino acid and RNA tests

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DNA, Amino Acid And RNA Tests: free software for probabilistic measurement and annotation of biological sequences, using phylogenetic Markov chains and stochastic grammars.




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Dart Scorekeeper

Dart Scorekeeper is a freeware Windows application to assist in scoring dart games and tracking statistics. It includes a scoring window, graphical dart board, and displays real-time stats. It supports the dart games of Cricket, 301/501/etc., and Golf.


iDART (Intelligent Dispensing of Antiretroviral Treatment) addresses many of challenges faced by public ART dispensing pharmacies in developing countries. All responsibility and liability lies with the person/organisation who downloaded it.

Jsparser - JavaScript parser.

A simple JavaScript parser written in Dart during the London Dart Hackathon 2012.

Jdartscorer - JDartScorer is a dart scorer written in JAVA.

It is a prototype of the Dart scorer. It is written in JAVA, Swing. It has impelementd a x01 and Cricet.

Odsb - Online Dart Score Coard

Online dart score board that allow you te play the different dart games and keep score within a browser.

Xrateparser - A Perl module that will parse output from xrate and other similar DART tools.

A Perl module which parses output from xrate and other DART command line tools to be passed to a an AJAX-enabled front-end.