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Darning is a system for managing ordered series/sequences of software source patches using GNU patch as a back end. It was inspired by (and is similar to) quilt but has extra functionality enabled by awareness of the patched source's SCM.




Related Projects

Scalr - Cloud Management Software

Scalr is a pretty darn good open source cloud management tool. It provides both an automation framework and a web interface (where is this volume mounted) for managing infrastructure on the cloud, like EC2 and GCE. It supports multi-cloud and it is integrated into Opscode Chef, for configuration management.

I-like-nothing - A Chrome extension to get rid of stupid crap like Facebook Like buttons and Twitter

This is just something I cobbled together overnight to address the increasingly serious problem of terrible websites littering their pages with dozens of Facebook Like/Share buttons and Twitter buttons. The most obnoxious of these are actually inline frames: web pages inside your web page that can load their own resources, run their own scripts, and in this case even make their own calls to a server. Depending on your OS and processor, they can bog down a web page's load by an additional 10-15 s

Pyde - Work-in-Progress Python IDE

Most well-known Integrated Development Environments are big, slow and targeted toward C/++/# or Java development, with other language support seemingly added in as an afterthought. Open-source projects and professionally-licensed software alike suffer from an inability to adapt to the Pythonic paradigm. PyDE will fit into the hole left by other IDE solutions and editors. Although development is in its very early stages, PyDE can make the following promises: PyDE will feel more like an enhanced e

Christoc's Netduino Samples

This project is a simple collection of Netduino code samples that I'm using in my Netduino development. Samples are currently released under the Ms-PL license which is pretty darn liberal, so have at it! No warranty is expressed or implied! I don't claim this is good code, ...

Gg-ui - Framework for swing based rich-client applications

Great GUI with Google Guice and other Good Stuff...Project created on 24th Mar 2008. At this point, this project is nothing more than a learning exercise for me. I would attempt to create something useful through it, but no promises. Next (Initial) Release?No plans yet... DetailsIt's darn hard to build rich client applications from raw swing wedgets, but all the frameworks out there doesn't quite do it for me either. This project is a personal endeavour to create a framework that I would actuall

Lookangle - Android tool to calculate azimuth and elevation values used to point an antenna at a geo

Where did I put that damned satellite?This is an Android app (apologies to all real Android apps) which will allow the user to calculate the azimuth, vertical angle, and LNB skew needed to properly install and align a directional satellite communication antenna. Whether you are a DIY installer, professional dish dood, or a military SATCOM-on-the-move operator, this may be useful to your world. You have to admit, an Android look angle app is sexier than whipping out the old polar scale slide rule

Centroplex - Web Application Enablement

Still left to structure and define, but this project will contain some integration of some subprojects currently hosted elsewhere. Overarching goals: 1) Increase Development Velocity - it's still too darn hard to write business apps in the real world without lots of JavaScript or tying yourself very closely to a particular server technology. 2) Develop something that doesn't tie to any internal implementation, but only API. In other words, we would like to have the ability to (at any time) witho

Threadzip - parallel threaded zip (zlib or lzo or bzip2 or lzma or whatever) compression

threadzipImplemented in python. Parallel threaded arbitrary compression algorithms. Currently implemented: zlib (default), and lzma. Hopefully coming soon: bzip2, lzo, and "none" for testing purposes. ;-) Which compression algorithms?zlib: like gzip and zip (medium speed, medium strength compression) lzma: like 7-zip and xz (slow, strongest compression) bzip2: like bzip2 ;-) (very slow, fairly strong compression) lzo: like lzop (fast, weak compression) (not yet available in threadzip) none: like