MKOS darkstar

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This is an atempt to create micro-kernel operation system, with its own file system, using NASM.



Related Projects


RedDwarf is a horizontally scalable application server for low latency apps such as online games, virtual worlds, and social networking applications. It is the official community fork for Project Darkstar, previously sponsored by Sun Microsystems.

Darkstar-profiler - A set of utilities used to profile Darkstar applications

Darkstar Profiling ToolsThis project contains utilities for profiling and debugging a Darkstar application. Installation Documentation Demos Current Installation Demo

Darkstarai - Utilities for doing artificial intelligence in the Project Darkstar environment

Project Darkstar ( is a server infrastructure that provides massive scalability, reliability, fault tolerance and disaster recovery to online games. This project is a collection of AI related utilities for use when coding Project Darkstar applications

Mnemoj - An Implementation of Software Transactional Memory based on the Project Darkstar API.

mnemoj is a memory-based implementation of the Project Darkstar API, providing all the benefits of the software transactional memory model. A SQLite-based backend is also available. The goal is not to provide a competing implementation to Project Darkstar. The three main goals are (1) to provide a prooving ground for new features, (2) to allow legacy applications to embed the STM parts of Darkstar without having to port them to Darkstar entirely, and (3) to allow standalone applications to utili

Darkstar-exp - Experimental branch of Project Darkstar (SGS) for testing new features

Darkstar EXP is a modified version of the official Project Darkstar Server distribution. It contains experimental new features which do not exist in the vanilla Darkstar. If experience shows that some of the features are useful, they may be included in the vanilla Darkstar by its developers. Individual features can be enabled and disabled by editing the file. The project files are available in Maven format in a Maven repository (see MavenIntegration). If you wish to contr

Hengine - Client and server MMO/MMORPG game engine

HEngine is an client and server MMO/MMORPG game engine, using Project Darkstar and JMonkey Engine as base frameworks.

Jpokemon - MMORPG version of pokemon for gameboy

This is the initial version of a project called Jpokemon. In this project the development team will adapt the gameboy version of Pokemon, To an stable Java+Slick+ProjectDarkstar Version.

Stratego-game-server - Stratego Game Server

A DarkStar based application that enables players to login and play stratego against each other.

Darkstar-testyard - Functional testing framework for applications based on Project Darkstar server

Functional testing framework for developing Project Darkstar applications (e.g. games). Useful for automate regression tests and develop applications in test-driven manner (test-driven development, TDD). Framework is based on JUnit and Project Darkstar java client library (Project Darkstar Client SDK). Tests run against working server application from client's perspective, i.e. tests interact with server application using the same production client-server protocol. Subsidiary control actions is

Darkstris - Multiplayer co-op Tetris game

DarkstrisMultiplayer Tetris game with rooms & lobby Server made with Darkstar Client Applet made with PulpCore feedback: andres (@) or