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Modifies a MPEG-4 ASP video (XviD, DivX) without re-encoding (change aspect ratio, edit userdata, remove packed bitstream, and change interlaced field order). Also Warns about compatibility problems with standalone Players.



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Gdarkloader - gDarkLoader - aplikacja do zarzÄ…dzania fanmisjami dla gier Thief: Dark Project, Thief

gDarkLoader - aplikacja do zarządzania fanmisjami dla gier Thief: Dark Project, Thief: Gold, Thief: Metal Age oraz w przyszłości być może innymi z serii.

Gcodesl - Generic scripting language include developed in C#

gCode SL stands for Generic Code Scripting Language. Currently under development, gCode SL supports a unique form of scripting, based partially off C#. gCode uses gInclude, an functionally unrelated generic include developed by We have procured permission to release their DLL with our code. Recently, gCode SL IDE has been developed and released, open source. This allows you to script better in gCode; all recognized methods will turn dark blue, and all recognized parameters will turn

Darkgdkoop - JGC Library v2.0 - Jegas Game Class Library for DarkGDK C++ (OOP)

NEWSVersion 2.0 - Lights and Effects Revisited. Lib organized to compile demos faster. Version 3.0 - Now Available (NOT Open Source) on Jegas, LLC web site. OverviewThe JGC Library is a collection of integrated C++ object oriented classes that can assist you in making 2D and 3D games. Its designed to work with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Free Edition (Or Enterprise with some changes perhaps), The Game Creators' DarkGDK Game Engine, The Game Creators' Dark Physics Product (optional), and the fre

dark/sk sources

Dark/sk sources are kernel patchset projects created by predatorfreak (Brett G.), focused on maintaining stablity and scalabliy. Everything that goes into these patchsets is selected based on these goals.

vim-hybrid - A dark colour scheme for Vim & gVim

A dark colour scheme for Vim & gVim

Postapocalyptic - A scheme for Cake Script

A scheme for Cake Script G2 (by Nori) developed by Darkwind and the Dark Stuff clan for the DS server.

Cult - A turn-based strategy game about dark and ominous cults striving for world domination.

Evil CultA turn-based strategy game about building your cult of followers and trying to summon Elder God. Written in Haxe/Javascript. The game is played right in your browser, nothing needs to be installed. You can try it here. First-time players are advised to read the Manual before starting the game. You can see a gameplay "video" (an animated gif showing the gameplay) here. Or you can watch some letsplays with commentary on my Youtube channel. Post general feedback here or to the discussion g

Adark - Fast BWT-based compressor

ContentsThis project aggregates all my BWT-oriented efforts. The released/abandoned stuff can be found in the downloads section, while the on-going developments are in the code repository. The list includes Archon-4 (a4), Archon-5 (a5), Archon-6 (a6), and Archon-GPU at the moment. It will be extended with the compression schemes eventually. HighlightsArchon is a general code name for my BWT algorithms deriving from the Itoh-Tanaka work. Some of them showed impressive results in the suffix sortin

Wp-su-plugin - Gives an active StumbleUpon icon for your WordPress

DescriptionThis StumbleUpon WordPress plugin: Shows an indicator for all the links on your site (gray=not submitted, green=submitted) Has a function you can include in your sidebar or under your posts to submit this permalink to SU, it includes an indication If it is already in SU AND how many reviews it had until now. Has a widget DownloadThe latest version can always be found here: It is NOT SVN-ed on Google Code! (needs to find