Dao-zero: implement your DAO intefaces

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Daozero reduces DAO code based on Spring amp; iBatis. The Old way is to write code and invoke iBatis API explicitly, but Dao-zero implements DAO interfaces in runtime, invokes iBatis API for developers automatically. Replace old DAOs with it directly.




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AutoDAO is a Generic DAO on steroids implementation for Java with Hibernate support, annotation-driven configuration, tight Spring Framework integration and zero persistence code required for most common query types.

Fest - Fixtures for Easy Software Testing

FEST is a collection of APIs, released under the Apache 2.0 license, whose mission is to simplify software testing. It is composed of various modules, which can be used with TestNG or JUnit. GUI Functional Swing TestingThis module provides a simple and intuitive API for functional testing of Swing user interfaces, resulting in tests that are compact, easy to write, and read like a specification. Tests written using FEST-Swing are also robust. FEST simulates actual user gestures at the operating

Sierra-php - PHP Application Framework

NewRead the Introduction to sierra-php article from php|architect Magazine published in June 2009. Overviewsierra-php is yet another PHP framework. It is compatible with both PHP 4 and 5. It provides a foundation of reusable object-oriented code for Linux/Unix/OS X PHP software implementations. This foundation includes the following: DRY: built specifically to eliminate redundant code and tasks, significantly increase productivity, and decrease supported codebase. For example, how many times hav

Myssh222 - spring struts2 hibernate

for rapid web deverlop featrue: 1. spring zero configration 2. hibernate annotation mapping 3. template DAO and template service support 4. paging integration 专为快速开� 1�spring 零�置 2�基于annotation 的hibernate 映射文件�置 3�DAO 模�和 SERVICE 模�的支� 4��活分页�装

Bamboo-spring-ext - zero-bean-config tool for using Spring.

SpringX 1.2.2 released! 2009-8-14SpringX gives an easy and agile method to use Spring framework. It provides zero-bean config mechanism eliminating hundreds and thousands of business bean config in JEE dev. SpringX also provides a simpler approach to use Spring AOP with biz bean. Framework Aim: Eliminate XML config for business bean. Eliminate Java annotation for business bean . Easier than <component-scan></component-scan>, because of no annotation need. Integrate legacy application written in

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웹 어플리케ì�´ì…˜ 개발 ìƒ�산성ì�„ 극대화 시켜보십시오.http://www.kopens.com/ 으로 ì�´ë�™! JDesigner(R) Web Application Development Platform ì�€ í˜�ì‹ ì �ì�¸ J2EE & AJAX 웹 어플리케ì�´ì…˜ 개발 플랫í�¼ 입니다.공지사항- 5.0.0 업그레ì�´ë“œ 예정 - ì�´í�´ë¦½ìŠ¤ 플러그ì�¸ & 편리한 설치를 위한 ì�¸ìŠ¤í†¨ëŸ¬ ì �ìš© ì‹ ê·œ 버전 새로운 기능 3.0.1-êµ­ë‚´ 오픈소스 ë�°ì�´í„°ë² ì�´ìŠ¤ CUBRID 지ì›� -ê°�종 Bug ë°� 주요 APIê°€ 업그레ì�´ë“œ ë�˜ì—