Daniel Brown's Tools

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A common class library containing tool classes and methods




Related Projects


Bugzilla is most popular and widely used "Defect Tracking System" or "Bug-Tracking System".


Allows standard users to unlock a locked windows workstation!


A web framework for C.


A jQuery plugin that adds random noise to the background of a given element.

Adelaide - Adelaide is the minimalist's content management package

Adelaide is well, you guessed it, yet another personal publishing system written in Ruby utilizing Ruby on Rails. However, what sets Adelaide apart from other content management packages is its minimal design and implementation.Once I have a more functional source tree complete, I will commit it to the repository. Stay tuned.

Adelaide-quadcopter - University of Adelaide Quadcopter Project

This is the repository for University of Adelaide, Electronics Engineering Quadcopter project. This project was started as an exploratory excercise for students to familiarize with embedded systems and control theory. The main components are: Arduino Mini Gumstix Verdex(BeagleBoard in Mark II) Microstrain 3DM-GX2 IMU(Razor IMU in Mark II) 4 Brushless DC Motors

Http-impersonator - Provides record-and-replay capability for http messages

http-impersonator is a simple library suitable for testing http-based protocols by providing record-and-replay capabilities. It is comprised by 3 components: Recorder, which acts as a recording proxy and forwards messages to the actual integration environment HTTP server and records those messages into a local database Impersonator, which replies to messages recorded by the Recorder Verifier, which replays recorded messages and verifies if the target integration HTTP server gives replies back wh

Dj-impersonate - Impersonation app for Django projects

Lets users assume another user's account for purposes of debugging, assistance, etc. Configuration is done by allowing a specific user access to other individual accounts or groups.

Ssimp - XML based XSS PoC Platform

SSImp is a server side impersonation application that uses an XML scripting system for showcasing proof of concept XSS attacks. [Overview] | [QuickStart] | [SSImpScript]