Dandelion Digital Mylex/BusLogic Drivers

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This project has been established per Larry Augustin and Patrick McGovern as a tribute to the work of Leonard Zubkoff (who passed on in 2002), former CTO of VA, and Linux kernel developer. This project is a mirror of the Dandelion Digital site.




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Dandelion - Eclipse Lisp Plugin

Dandelion is a plugin for Eclipse that supports Lisp programming in the Eclipse platform. It comes with two ready to use Lisp environments: SBCL and CLISP. It is possible to connect other environments.

dandelion - Incremental Git repository deployment.

Incremental Git repository deployment.

Lc-dandelion - An environment for building games and animations in Python

Inspired by Scratch (http://scratch.mit.edu/) and implemented using Python (http://python.org) and PyGame (http://pygame.org), this project aspires to be a way to make Python approachable for children of all ages, but specifically targeting 6-12 year olds. The goal is to make it easy for them to get started with a graphical environment and get things moving and reacting in that environment, and to make it easy to share their projects with others. A parallel goal is to allow them to use the full

Clc-dandelion - CLC Dandelion - A Web-based Daisy Player

CLC Dandelion is a web-based Daisy player that Daisy content owners can use to provide playback of Daisy books directly over the internet. Dandelions are a type of daisy with seeds carried by the wind; thus Dandelion seemed like a fitting name for a player designed to live in the web cloud. Dandelion runs in the browser and uses JavaScript and Flash; it will work for most end-users without needing them to install any additional software. Dandelion uses the AxsSound library from the Google-AxsJAX

Java-garden - Message Oriented Web Framework for java/ORM

java-garden project includes 3 subproject: Dandelion - Java Persistence Model Jasmine - Messge Oriented Web Framework data-binding

Dandelion - Dandelion ?????? ?? RESTful ??

Dandelion ?????? ?? RESTful ??

dandelion-frm - The *dandelion array fringe-rate mapper

The *dandelion array fringe-rate mapper


A PaperJS powered animation of dandelion seeds blowing in the wind