Dancing Links Sudoku

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This is an implementation of Donald Knuth's Algorithm X (quot;dancing linksquot;). This is primarily a sudoku generator and solver, though it can be used to solve other exact cover problems.




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Exact-cover-solver - Exact Cover Solver

Donald Knuth's Algorithm X and Dancing Links technique is used to solve the exact cover problem. A doubly-circular linked-list is used as the data structure. A details description of the data structure and the algorithms is available in (1). Some changes from the sequential version are made for parallelization. (1) Knuth D. E.: Dancing Links, Millenial Perspectives in Computer Science. (2000) 187-214

Decs - Generic Distributed Exact Cover Solver

IntroductionThe goal of this project is to implement Donald E. Knuth's recursive Dancing Links (DLX) algorithm as a parallel algorithm. This will enable the workload to be distributed among a network of computer systems using BOINC. By scaling the system in this manner we will be able to solve more complex problems than those which can be solved by a single system. The DLX algorithm solves exact cover problems which includes: Polyomino tiling, Latin square puzzles, Sudoku, n-queens, set packing

dancing-links- - dancing links 算法应用于拼图问题

dancing links 算法应用于拼图问题

dancing-links - Implementing Algorithm X with Dancing Links in javascript.

Implementing Algorithm X with Dancing Links in javascript.