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IRC defense bot, for all major IRC networks. Note that development and activity died in this project many years ago.



Related Projects

dancer.js - high-level audio API, designed to make sweet visualizations

high-level audio API, designed to make sweet visualizations

Dancer - The easiest way to write web applications with Perl (Perl web micro-framework)

The easiest way to write web applications with Perl (Perl web micro-framework)


BreakDancer-0.0.1 is a Perl package that provides genome-wide detection of structural variants from next generation paired-end sequencing reads.

Dancer2 - Perl Dancer Next Generation (rewrite of Perl Dancer)

Perl Dancer Next Generation (rewrite of Perl Dancer)

Rich-join-association - Simplifies the use of join model rich assosiations in Ruby on Rails

The goal of rich-join-association is to make it simpler to make use of has_many :through associations in which the join table has a single additional attribute.(Example adapted from if you had Dancers, Movies, and Appearances and each Appearance had an attribute character_name, rather than saying:  dan =  cameo =  cameo.dancer = dan = Movie.find_by_name 'Served'  cameo.character_na

Offrost - software for danish dance theatre's frost performance

FROSTsoftware for a dance performance recoil performance group, fall 2009 an interactive video scenography for a recoil performance group dance performance/installation. developed with choreographer tina tarpgaard and programmers ole kristensen and jonas jongejan. Descriptionworking with the talented dancers of danish dance theatre, we created a universe of frozen bodies, melting ice and dripping waters. the scenography is primarily consisting of video projections in concert with andreas buhl’


Boogiepants do not dance to music, music dances to boogiepants! Boogiepants is a way to translate a dancer's pelvic motions into music, in a very flexible, powerful, interactive way, currently using a Wiimote, a nunchuck, and Java.

Schhplttlr - interdisciplinary project controling lights and sounds with arduino, processing, and ma

Schhplttlr: Electric Beats Tänzer generieren durch ihre dem Schuhplattler entlehnten Bewegungen über Sensoren Beats und Licht. Daran experimentieren Musiker, Medienkünstler, Tänzer und Choreographen drei Tage lang in einem interdisziplinären Workshop, an dem man als Zuschauer jederzeit teilhaben kann. Ihre Ergebnisse wurden als einer Performance am Eröffnungsabend am 15 Juli 2010, 20h präsentiert. Diese Dokumentation wird anschließend vom 19. Juli bis 5. Septembe

Pulse-music - art project - let a dancer create music by her body movements

Project IdeaA person dances and generates music. Not only movement but also things like the heart beat influences the sound. This project mainly hosts the core software part: the Pulse Router, a MIDI tool written in Java to route and change MIDI data via configurable modules. Have a look at the changelog or just browse the source code. Interesting Links ... MIDI Messages Specification ... Java MIDI API help

Titantorment - Titan Torment : The War Of Titans And Gods (Season 1: Nemesis Wrath)

This will become a mmorpg that will be made with jme. This game will become more flexible than warcraft 3 editor, it will allow multiple stages, each stage has each own implementation of stats, game rules, and even how the game engine works. You will be able to transfer your character between diffrent stages and the meaning of each stat will depend on the stage. You will be able to store new stats on player/creatures so it will be easily expandable e.g you will be able to add a new stat alchemy