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System for Analysis of Microelectronic and Photonic Structures and new Developments




Related Projects

Damp;D Manager

Keeps track of Damp;D (Dungeons and Dragons) characters, spells, feats and weapons and allows you to run battles between characters.

Damp;D 3rd ed (tm) XML tools

This project is meant to create standard XML format for Damp;D 3rd ed monsters/spells etc which later could be used to generate output in various format. This should be also a central place for tools helping to work with this format.

Hong-kong-is-dead - A game/an experiment in combining SFML and Box2D

(I'm sorry that I'm too busy to work on this project.) Hello! This is the first game I've ever produced. It was programmed in c++ using Box2D 2.1.2 and SFML 2. The story is about the current sad situation in Hong Kong. Features: damping camera infinite layers and parallax effect keyboard state machine spatial sound physics based The game is still a tech demo, so there're not much game logic and bugs are guaranteed. And, the code is very messy. Thanks Box2D and SFML dev teams, Haze for his sprite

Data Monster

Console based application for managing data for d20 Damp;D games. Goals include monster generation, xp calculator, game time/calendar and combat manager.


dungeonREALM is a set of tools designed for damp;d 3e dungeon masters. it features the almost best treasure generator on web. an encounter generator is underway and a dungeon mastering tool, too.


Text-based multi-user on-line RPG. Modelled after Damp;D - now supports just about any RPG environment you can envision.


Riggy is a dice `bot for pbIRC RPGs. He is specialized to provide a fair interface for Damp;D, d20, GURPS, White Wolf, Shadowrun and Mirima Tyalie dice systems. He also includes random name generation and miscellaneous IRC utilities.

SHEW's Day Care Center Mgmt Software

Child Care Software for Danyamp;Tany (Damp;T) Day Care Center - SHEW DEVELOPERS

Dot-net-transitions - A library for animated UI transitions for .NET

OverviewThe Transitions library lets you create animated transitions of any properties of user-interface elements for .NET. It provides an easy way to perform UI animations in .NET in a similar way to the Core Animation library for Apple and the iPhone. The Transitions library is built with Visual Studio 2008 but targets version 2 of the .NET runtime, so it can be used with projects built with VS2005. Getting startedYou can animate a single property of an object with a single line of code like t