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Damon is a Distributed AOP Middleware on top of a p2p Overlay Network. Its main aim is to offer the necessary abstractions and services to develop distributed aspects, and to provide scalability to existent or new applications transparently.




Related Projects

Pythias-damon - Get objective cell, row, and column statistics for incomplete data matrices using an

Pythias (the organization) has software (damon) that replaces all data in a rectangular matrix with "most likely" values and predicts values for missing cells. When data fit the specified model, these cell estimates are "objective"; row entity coordinates are invariant regardless of the sample of column entities, and vice versa. The resulting cell, row, and column statistics have a high degree of reproducibility -- within the bounds of the calculated standard error. Damon implements a version of

Companysitedjango - For Studying purpurse, a site of a company

site of a media company in wuhan Using python django framework to do the tedious job


Arachnida (the taxonomical class to which spiders belong) is an embeddable HTTP(S) server written in C++. It also contains an HTTP client (Damon) and a UDPSocket class for non-HTTP communication. The building blocks can be used for other comm as well


JayDamon is an addon for the IL-2 Sturmovik series didicated server to control it, save player statistics and many more.

Infinityimac - Le projet d'une semaine

Agopian Lauren Bourgoin Valentin Damon Régis Dommanget Nadine Jacquet-Lagrèze Romain Taing Dislay

Alfresco-crowd-security - Integration between Alfresco and Atlassian Crowd

Module to integrate the Alfresco security framework with the Atlassian Crowd identity management system. The latest release is alfresco-crowd-security-0.3.amp for Alfresco 2.2.x 29/7/2010. I don't have enough time to properly support this module at the moment. If you are working with the module and want to take over mail me and I can add you as a project committer. A supported module is offering by appfusions. Link 3/3/2009. I'm pushing out a release that supports the latest Alfresco 3.0 Labs an

Gpuminer - Parallel Data Mining on Graphics Processors

DocumentWenbin Fang(HKUST), Ka Keung Lau(HKUST), Mian Lu(HKUST), Xiangye Xiao(HKUST), Chi Kit Lam(HKUST), Philip Yang Yang(HKUST), Bingsheng He(MSRA), Qiong Luo(HKUST), Pedro V. Sander(HKUST), and Ke Yang(Microsoft China). Parallel Data Mining on Graphics Processors Technical Report HKUST-CS08-07, Oct 2008. biblatex plain Wenbin Fang(HKUST), Mian Lu(HKUST), Xiangye Xiao(HKUST), Bingsheng He(MSRA), and Qiong Luo(HKUST). Frequent Itemset Mining on Graphics Processors, DaMoN'09. Source CodeGPUMiner

Scummvm-dgds - Dynamix Game Development System (DGDS) Engine Implementation for ScummVM

DescriptionThe Dynamix Game Development System (DGDS) is an engine originally created by Dynamix for the games Rise of the Dragon, The Adventures of Willy Beamish and Heart of China. This engine is a continuation of the progress originally made by jvprat, who has done some excellent work on getting a resource management sub-system started. Below is an interview with Kevin Ryan, one of the developers and owners of Dynamix that provides a bit of insight into the product development and history: In

damon - Damon Theme

Damon Theme

Damon - Android Damon Service

Android Damon Service