DAME - Database Access Made Easy

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DAME is a software tool to generate C++ and Java classes from SQL statements. By working at the level of SQL statements, dame provides the maximum flexibility to the developers of database applications.




Related Projects


CompuCell3D is a software framework for multimodel simulations of biocomplexity problems. It has been developed as an ongoing project for the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Biocomplexity at the university of Notre Dame.

Opengldame - Dame in OpenGL

Dame (checkers) in OpenGL

Jdame - Das Spiel Dame in Java by 2BI

Ein Teil der Klasse 2BI der HTL Rennweg in Wien will das Spiel Dame in Java programmieren. Die 2BI gibts ned mehr und aus dem Projekt wird auch nix mehr werden...

Snaccer - A rudimentary scanner for C-flat

C-flat is an almost-subset of C, and I'm using flex to create a scanner for the language. Class project: Compilers, University of Notre Dame 2008, Professor Doug Thain

Uwrailstodo - todo list rails app

open source Ruby on Rails app for creating todo lists. Create lists, add list items, remove list items, edit lists, reorder.

Dame-ai - Create an ai player for an existing dame game

The project uses an existing dame multiplayer game which has the following properties: developed in Java developed after the mvc pattern allowing an easy integration of an ai player has a graphical user interface multiplayer support already exist complete game logic is already implemented The goal of the project is to develop an ai player using the theoretical content of the Artificial Intelligence lecture from Dr. Mathias Niepert of the University of Mannheim. It should have the following prope