Database Abstraction Layer for PHP

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DAL is a Database Abstraction Layer written entirely in PHP. The goal is to provide users with a general way to access databases. Changing from one DBMS to another only needs changing the driver you want to use.



Related Projects

nHydrate - Conceive, Model, Generate

nHydrate is an object-relational mapping (ORM) solution for the Microsoft .NET platform providing a framework for a relational database to be mapped to .NET objects. It is designed to alleviate the software developers experience writing persistence domains. The model controls database generation, LINQ syntax, API, DAL, etc.

Vanilla DAL

Vanilla DAL is a framework for data access layers on top of ADO.NET. It provides DB independence, storage of SQL code in XML, transaction management, on-the-fly SQL generation for Datasets and other convenience implementations for ever recurring tasks.

Dotnetdal - .NET Visual Studio DAL Addin

This project is meant to provide an easy-to-use Visual Studio Addin that generates DAL like code for your MS SQL server related projects


OOP Data Access Layer for .net 2.0

Coconut Dal

Coconut Dal is a lightweight data access layer, for use in projects where developers might otherwise be tempted to write native ADO.NET code instead of using a fully-featured library, such as Entity Framework or Microsoft's Enterprise Library.

Sonicui - Gui version of SubSonic SubCommander

Simple Gui using SubCommander's base code. The idea is to get a nice visual representation of the code output and Database objects when generating a DAL for winforms/ projects using SubSonic

Dalsong - java mp3 player with synchronized lyrics.

DalSong is a multi-platform Java mp3 player that automatically provides synchronized lyrics as long as you are connected to the Internet. This uses the lyric server which is the very same server as Alsong's. DalSong is Based on Jlayer(javazoom).

Artofnet-framework-shema - a .net dabase schema management library

This base library is a tool for manupulating database schemas in .net with the help of linq. It also aims to allow sql code generation, dal code generation and synchronisation facilities.

Objectdal - A very simple and minimal ADO.NET based data access layer

ObjectDAL is a very simple data access layer that I plan to use in my smaller projects. I plan to develop and enhance it as I go.