The Daisy CMS project

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Daisy is an open source, Java-based content management framework consisting of a stand-alone HTTP/XML accessible content repository with strong search functionalities and a Web-based, Wiki-like editing and publishing user interface.



Related Projects Export As DAISY

odt2daisy is an Writer extension, enabling to export in DAISY XML, Full DAISY (xml+audio) and Audiobook format. DAISY is an NISO Z39.86 standard for blind, visual impaired, print-disabled, and learning-disabled people.

Open XML to DAISY XML Translator

The “Save as DAISY XML” add-in was created through an open source project with Microsoft, Sonata Software Ltd. and the Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) Consortium and can be downloaded on sourceforge.


AccessODF is an extension for ODF accessibility evaluation and repair in LibreOffice Writer and Writer. It supports the creation of word processing documents that are more accessible for people with disabilities, and checks the compatibility with DAISY and Braille.

Daisy Pipeline GUI

Rich user interface for the DAISY Pipeline. The DAISY Pipeline is a cross-platform, open source framework for DTB-related document transformations.

Daisy-utils - A suite of Java utility libraries maintained by the DAISY Consortium

The DAISY Utilities are a suite of libraries used for the development of the Java-based projects maintained by the DAISY Consortium, such as the DAISY Validator and the DAISY Pipeline projects.

Daisy-model - A soil plant atmosphere system model

DaisyIf you are new here, you may want to start reading our short overview of Daisy and then maybe the page about getting started. Scientists may then proceed to our page with scientific descriptions of the model, while people who work on Danish environmental applications may proceed to the Danish language page about standardized use for environmental permits. You can fetch the latest development version of Daisy by following the link in the Featured Downloads box to the right. You can get other

Iduna DAIsy Reader

A freeware, platform independant, daisy reader

Daisy Book Reader

A GTK Daisy Talking Book reader application.