Database Fishing Tool

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DaFT is a frontend to any database that can be connected via ODBC. It provides list views of tables and columns, table view of data, SQL editor, CSV,HTML,SyLK,XLS data format export, and functions for copying data between two ODBC databases.



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Django-slots - A system for scheduling relationships between django models

django-slots allows arbitrary Django models to be scheduled against one another, with time as a feature of that relationship. The relationship can either start at a particular time, until the next change occurs: this is called a transition; or the relationship can occur explicitly between a start and end time: this is called a slot. Think of them both as time-based foreign keys. Some documentationNone of the documentation mentions transitions, which is a pain in the arse because they are actuall

Loljs - A LOLCODE to JavaScript translator

i can has lolcode in my browser? LOLCODE is a rather daft programming language with syntax styled after the grammatical syntax of LOLCats. This project provides a translator from LOLCODE into JavaScript so you can easily run it in your browser and use LOLCODE scripting on your web pages. Although why you'd wish to is another matter entirely. 1.0 was written in a few hours and 1.1 was rewritten in a day so don't expect wonders, but it runs a few nontrivial examples fine. Downloadsvn export http:/

Desktop Anthropomorphic Friend Thing

DAFT (Desktop Anthropomorphic Friend Thing) aims to create a pale imitation of life on the desktop of the everyday user. Aims to be simple, light weight and cross platform.

Carboniteclone - A *Simplistic* FTP-Based Clone for Carbonite

Preserves all of the files in a local root directory (user-specified) to an offsite FTP server.

Bwip-js - Barcode Writer in Pure JavaScript

Barcode Writer in Pure JavaScriptbwip-js is a translation to native JavaScript of the amazing code provided in Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript. The translated code can run on any browser that natively supports the HTML canvas element or any JavaScript-based server framework that can implement a minimal bitmap graphics interface. An in-browser demo is provided that mirrors the functionality of the web-based demo provided in BWIPP. To use the demo, download bwip-js and unpack it. The download wi

Ed-u-kay-shun - A place to dump code for languages I am learning

I travel lots for my job. As a result, I have to work with a company laptop when I am on the road. This project was created as a dumping ground for the stuff I am working on. Please feel free to laugh at me. Please also remember that I am learning, so constructive criticism will be better received than ' daft idiot...'

Videonaena - VideoNaena is an easy to watch the movie and get FLV/MP4 file from some UCC site.

NOTE: Distribute binary file only now. Supports to watch the video and get FLV/MP4 file: - DAUM TV Pot: - Cyworld Video: - YouTube Video: - PandoraTV Video: - Naver Video: - LiveLeak: ELIMINATED - ESPEW: ELIMINATED - Daft Domain: "비디오내놔"는(VideoNaena) 다ì�Œ TV 팟(pot), 싸ì�´ì›”ë“œ, ì

Postscriptbarcode - Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript

Barcode Writer in Pure PostScriptBarcode Writer in Pure Postscript implements the printing of all major barcode formats entirely within PostScript, so that the process of converting the input string into the printed output is performed by the printer itself. This avoids the need to re-implement the barcode generation process whenever your language needs change. It makes including any barcode within a PostScript document as simple as inserting the following directive: 0 0 moveto (978-1-86074-271)


a daft blog

sillystats - Daft stats project for BBC 10%

Daft stats project for BBC 10%