Daffodil for Visual Studio - Native Multitargeting Platform Toolsets

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Daffodil provides native multi-targeting platform toolsets for Visual Studio 2010 C++ developers who need to target older versions of Visual Studio.




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Starry starry night Paint your palette blue and grey Look out on a summer's day With eyes that know the darkness in my soul Shadows on the hills Sketch the trees and daffodils Catch the breeze and the winter chills In colors on the snowy linen land Now I understand what you try to say to me And how you suffered for your sanity And how you tried to set them free

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Daffodil Replicator (OS) is an open source Java tool for data integration, data migration and data protection in real time. Daffodil Replicator performs data replication based on the 'Publish and Subscribe' model (in client and server architecture). A publication is a collection of one or more tables required for data replication. A subscription is a copy of tables involved in publication on client side.Replicator supports bi-directional data replication by either capturing a data source snapsho

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Daffodil Organizer is an e-mail client with the facility to import mails from the Microsoft Outlook's .pst files. In Daffodil Organizer mails are stored in RDBMS that provides maximum flexibility to organize your mails. You can also categorise your mail

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Daffodil CRM is a software that enables seamless coordination between sales, marketing, customer service, field support and other functions that handle customer contact for an enterprise. Live Demo Available!

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One$DB is Open Source version of Daffodil DB, a commercial Java Database. It is standards based, platform independent RDBMS that can be embedded into any application with minimal administration. One$DB is available in both Embedded and Network editions.

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Google Data Store API supports single table query only(on underlying Google BigTable), hence user is not able to retrieve relational data from multiple tables. Using 'Daffodil Query Engine', user will be able to execute queries on multiple tables for retrieving relational data as it generally works with any relational database.

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There are several JVM-specific databases, such as H2,Cloudscape/Derby, Quadcap QED, hSQLDB, Daffodil, SmallSQL, FirstSQL/J, mckoi DB, LucidDB. The Python+sqlalchemy approach makes high coding efficiency on database access. Due to the fact that Cython doesn't have native support for JDBC interface, Jython+zxjdbc is the workaround to gain access to these JVM-specific databases. This project's aim is to extend the database supporting feature in sqlalchemy by creating dialects for these databases.

Replicatoros20 - Daffodil Replicator is a powerful Open Source Java tool for data integration, data

Daffodil Replicator team today released Replicator v2.0 (beta) with support for Firebird to Firebird data replication, in addition to significant performance enhancements. With v2.0, all replication operations can be performed faster, when compared to earlier Replicator versions. The new features introduced in Replicator v2.0 are: Support for Firebird: Replicator v2.0 can be used with Firebird database. It supports bi-directional data synchronization between Firebird (Server) database to multipl

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