DACS - Distributed Access Control System

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DACS,a light-weight single sign-on and role-based security system for Apache or server-based software, provides comprehensive authentication capabilities, and powerful, transparent rule-based authorization checking for any web service or CGI program. The latest release of DACS is not available here. Get it at http://dacs.dss.ca/download.html




Related Projects

Dynadac - Annotation based Java DAC pattern implementation.

DynaDac is an implemenation of Data Acceess Component design pattern, which uses extensively Java 5+ annotation features with the aim to provid virtually codeless way for accessing database procedures and/or DML SQL statements for Java applications. This approach brought up my co-worker Martin Veverka, who has already started his own, though proprietary, implementation called AnDac.

As3dac - ActionScript 3.0 Auto Commenting for ASdoc

AS3DAC parses an AS3.0 class or instance file and adds asdoc documentation stubs. Follows the Flex SDK Coding Conventions where applicable. See the wiki for more details

DACS - Contributed Resources

User contributed software and resources for companion SourceForge project DACS - the Distributed Access Control System. Includes FedAdmin, a DACS Web admin console, the DACS Java Library and XML schema translations of DACS DTDs.

Armboard - Linux embedded system with ARM microcontroller

Device is using Atmel AT91RM9200 microcontroller to control LCD display, Audio DAC, Ethernet, USB and few other peripherals. Embedded Linux operating system is installed. Project consists of: schematic and PCB layout in Eagle CAD, configuration files used in toolchain, device drivers and datasheets


libdac2 is a userspace driver for dac-2 USB audio transport controllers which were manufactured by PCDJ.


multiDAC is intended to become a user-friendly tool for image- and videoprocessing in the field of deformation/movement analysis. It is written in C# with some C routines using CPU/GPU parallelization (e.g. CUDA) and features a plugin manager.

As2dacperl - ActionScript 2.0 Auto Commenting for JavaDoc and NaturalDocs

Generates documentation comment stubs for ActionScript source-code. Currently supports: ActionScript 2.0 Source Classes Interfaces Methods Public Properties NaturalDocs http://naturaldocs.org JavaDoc (for Doxygen, AS2Api and others, oh and apparently NaturalDocs) Please note this project is now obsoleteAS3 support has been added to the new version of the project at http://as3dac.googlecode.com/ - thank you.

tcl database abstraction commands

The tcl-dac project provides an abstraction library for uniform access to relational database managements system from the tcl language. Its a tcl-only wrapper library on top of the C-based database extionsions. Currently Oracle, Informix, ADABAS-D and OD

XymMS: Sega Genesis GYM Plugin for XMMS

XymMS is an XMMS input plugin capable of playing Sega Genesis GYM files by rendering FM, DAC, and PSG signals through emulation of the YM2612 and SN76496 sound chips found in the video game console. (CYM files will be supported in the beta release.)