daCode amp; wmCoinCoin

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daCode was a news engine written in PHP. daCode focused on modularity and speed/performance. Features include themes, user authentication, multi-language support, a cache system, a templates system, and much more. wmCoinCoin was developped as a standalone client to access the discussion board (Tribune Libre) of dacode. It is still updated to keep compatibilty with new features introduced in new versions of LinuxFr and other board engines.




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Moul'zilla is a mozilla sidebar tab displaying the LinuxFr board or any other Dacode board.

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it will read your database and will create following things for that 1)It generates ACTION SCRIPT DO agisnt your tables 2)JavaDO 3)services with basic crud option with propel orm 4)gateway.php Setting 1)put ur information in class.database.php in resources file 2) rename make_me_batch.txt file to generatorCRUD.bat or generatorCRUD.sh 3) run tht file , NOTE : you should have php in your windows or linux path 4)put zend framework to generated folder 5)Create Folder for ur application and paste all

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Lecture de news dacode