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D4Modelizer is a simple but powerful code generator. It produces C# code from your Database. Each table could be mapped to an object and its fields in properties. D4Modelizer propose a mapping schema between the database structure and the object model.




Related Projects

GGGG's a Great Grid Generator (4G)

GGGG's a Great Grid Generator (4G) is a boundary fitted, curvilinear, grid generation tool for 2-d finite difference modeling. It is written in Python with the Numeric extensions. Most classes have been written, but it does nothing useful, yet...

Kane's Model Viewer for XNA

A WPF-based model viewing tool for XNA .fbx and .x model files. (Requires that XNA Game Studio 4.0 is installed.)

Femio - Read a Finite Element Model in memory and manipulate the data

femio is an application that allows you to read a Finite Element Model in one of the supported formats and provide tools and functions on the model's contents. Also, it provides the required functionality to allow the user to create tools and manipulate data. Such tools are: model statistics, model image view (screen shot), keyword removal or substitution, etc. femio is written in the Python language, and distributed under LGPL. ExampleUsing the reader and the Python Image Library (PIL) you can

Db4o-spatial - Spatial extension for db4o

db4o Spatial will be a library providing 2D spatial data support for db4o. Planned features: geometry model compliant with Simple Features Specification for SQL defined by OGC basic 2D spatial algorithms for spatial quering spatial indexing

Geomlib - a java 3D math library with support for raytracing and some advanced geometric algorithms

geomlib is a collection of classes for 3D vector math, 3D model loading and manipulation, raytracing, and advanced geometric algorithms. It provides classes for several geometric primitives, such as vectors (2D/3D/4D), rays, triangles, triangle meshes, parallelograms, spheres, tori, cones (open and closed), rings, bezier patches, bounding boxes, and bounding spheres. It has classes for Quaternion and Matrix calculations. It specifies an API for 3D camera models and provides several implementatio

Caddd - 3D cross platform CAD system

CADDD (the three D's represent 3D) aims to be a 3D open source cross platform CAD system. It is currently in its infancy. Building block programs will be hosted here to aid in the journey to the final product. Update: The bulk of all required technologies have been integrated together in The OpenCASCADE Challenge! Feel free to download and try it out. Utilized Libraries: Python 2.6.5 (Programming Language) OpenCASCADE 6.3 (Modelling/Visualization) PYTHONOCC 0.4 (Python OpenCASCADE Bindings) Qt 4

Mdma - Multidimensional Map Algebra

Multidimensional Map Algebra (MMA) is a data processing language for 2D, 2D+time, 3D, and 4D spatial and spatio-temporal raster data. It encompasses and extends conventional map algebra. Like conventional map algebra, MMA functions are grouped into local, focal, zonal, and global categories. Each function takes as input one or more 2D, 2D+time, 3D, or 4D data layers and returns a data layer (or, in the case of zonal functions, a table). Functions may be strung together in complex expressions to

Bolidz - crazy fast stunt car multiplayer game with rockets weapons etc and jumps loopings etc (Linu

BolidZ: a project started a year ago by Kine, in early stage of develloppement, beta version avaiblable in june 2009. Coded in Java. 3D engine: JMonkeyEngine (JME) Physics engine: JMEPhysics (ODE) Networking: Java Game Networking (JGN) Looking for designers, modelers, coders, feel free to contact Bolidz@gmail.com !! Team: Kine coder,modeler Kanchi aka K4N musician composer

Ifcwebserver - IFC Web Server..small..simple..smart

IFC WebServer is a free to use IFC model server written in Ruby. It aims to smooth the process of getting information from the building models. It supports all IFC versions and has an open system structure to be extended by its community users. Main featuresDynamic parser : on-the-fly parsing of any Industry Foundation Classes(IFC) EXPRESS schema (IFC2x2, IFC2x3, IFC4 are supported by default). Converter: supported formats include COLLADA :convert the 3D geometry representation of IFC objects in

Pyroms - Python toolkit for the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS)

pyroms is a suite of tools for working with the Regional Ocean Modeling System. A grid class allows creation, reading and writing of model grids. Other tools are included to facilitate analysis and visualization of model output. The modules include: boundaryclick - Interactive boundary generation for use with Gridgen, a MATLAB-based orthogonal grid generator. Dataset - A wrapper for netCDF4.Dataset and MFnetCDF4.Dataset depths - Calculates regular depths from S-coordinate depths and parameters.