Dialogic for Java

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D4J's intent is to map Dialogic resources to classes, in order to build on top of them whatever system you may want to.




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Barcode4J is a flexible generator for barcodes written in Java and available under the Apache License v2.0. Features: Extensions for Apache FOP, Xalan-J and SAXON, Servlet, command-line interface, output to SVG, EPS, Java2D/AWT and bitmaps.

Log4j-msn-notify - Log4j日志输出器(Append)的一ç§�实现。通过MSNå�Šæ—¶æ¶ˆæ�¯çš„æ–¹å¼�è

功能特�通过msn�时消�接收系统日志消� 实现简� �置简� log4j�置方法log4j.appender.msn=com.imincloud.log4j.MsnAppenderlog4j.appender.msn.title=web server 001log4j.appender.msn.mids=10001log4j.appender.stdout=org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppenderlog4j.appender.stdout.layout=org.apache.log4j.PatternLayoutlog4j.appender.stdout.layout.ConversionPattern=%d %p [%c] %n <%m>%nlog4j.rootLogger = error,stdout,msnlog4j.logger.com.imincloud = error,stdout,msnlog4j.additivity.com.

Datasource-log4j - Log4j appender and layout to registry logs using a DataSource

Log4j appender to registry logs using a DataSource Sample of appender (log4j.properties): log4j.rootCategory=ERROR, DATASOURCE log4j.appender.DATASOURCE=es.map.sgtic.fw.log4j.DataSourceAppender log4j.appender.DATASOURCE.datasource=java:jdbc/datasource log4j.appender.DATASOURCE.sql=INSERT INTO TABLE_LOG (DE_NIVEL, DE_LOG, DE_EXCEPCION, FE_LOG) VALUES ('%p', '%m', '%e', TO_DATE('%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss}','YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS')) log4j.appender.DATASOURCE.bufferSize=1 log4j.appender.DATABASE.layout

Scribe-log4j - A Log4j appender that sends log messages to Scribe server.

IntroductionProject provides easy solution to send Log4j messages to scribe server. Project is fork of https://github.com/alexlod/scribe-log4j-appender This project contains 3 maven projects: scribe-client - wrapper of autogenerated java client for scribe. scribe-log4j - appender for log4j. scribe-example - example of use. Log4j propertieslog4j.properties configuration: \tlog4j.rootLogger=DEBUG, scribe\tlog4j.appender.scribe=name.caiiiycuk.scribe.ScribeAppender\tlog4j.appender.scribe.hostname=my

V4l4j - A java package to access the Capture interface of the Video4Linux API

v4l4j projectWelcome to the v4l4j project site. Here, you will find information on the v4l4j software package, some documentation and various related links. What is v4l4j ?Video4Linux4Java (v4l4j) is a GPL'd java package providing simple access to the capture interface of the Video4Linux (V4L) API from Java. Using v4l4j, an application can: retrieve information about a video device, such as the number and type of video inputs, supported image formats, resolutions & video standards and available

Log4j-databaseappender - Database appender for log4j which escapes special chars automatically and w

Database appender for log4j which escapes special chars automatically and writes stacktrace. An example of log4j: log4j.rootCategory=INFO,database log4j.appender.database.driver=com.mysql.jdbc.Driverlog4j.appender.database=com.codeforces.log4j.databaseappender.DatabaseAppenderlog4j.appender.database.URL=jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/logslog4j.appender.database.user=???log4j.appender.database.password=???log4j.appender.database.sql=INSERT INTO LogEntry (component, creationTime, logger, \\priority,

Ict4dlab - Code repository for projects on Information and Communications Technology for Development

This project is a repository for tools for creating new projects on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) for Development. It was originally started to support MIT D-Lab ICT4D course this Spring 2008. Please contact Luis Sarmenta for more information.

Sdf4j - Simple drawing facade for Java

What is SDF4J?SDF4J represents an abstract layer between an application and concrete graphics implementation and can bridge the gap between different platforms. The goal is to write platform independent code for graphics manipulation that an be easily ported to other platforms simply by choosing a different implementation of SDF4J. You can have the same code work on desktop as well as mobile devices or even web! At the moment, SDF4J supports the following operations: color, font and stroke manag

Mt4j - MT4j - an open framework to create visually rich 2D/3D multi-touch applications in java

MT4j - Multitouch for Java - is an open source, cross platform Java framework, created for rapid and easy development of visually rich 2D or 3D applications and is designed to support different kinds of input devices with a special focus on multi-touch support. The input system is very flexible and also supports the native Windows 7 Touch API as well as open standards like the TUIO protocol and of course normal mouse input. Many standard multi-touch gestures are already built in and can be used


Porting log4j to Delphi and Kylix