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Related Projects


Spyder is a Python development environment with advanced editing, interactive testing, debugging and introspection features. It is especially recommended for scientific computing thanks to NumPy (linear algebra), SciPy (signal and image processing), matplotlib (interactive 2D/3D plotting) and MayaVi’s mlab (interactive 3D visualization) support.

Java Graticule 3D (OpenAdjustment)

An OpenSource Least-Squares-Adjustment Tool


Java Interactive Virtual Enviroment System - A framework to create latest generation 3D Inventory Based Adventure Games and simulators, where user can combine items of an inventory and make them interact with the entites of a virtual world. Test JIVES online: 1) Download basic demo script from http://sourceforge.net/projects/jives/files/1.0/basic-demo-jme.jives/download 2) Run the applet from http://simonesegalini.altervista.org/jives/test/test.html


A code generator for connecting C/C++ with other programming languages


Test of several libraries for creating a 3d Game. All development under Debian GNU/Linux


A rapid psexec style attack with samba tools


GeometricIntersection is an XNA library for testing for intersection between geometric shapes. It supports 2D intersection tests between circles, oriented rectangles, and polygons and 3D intersection tests between spheres, oriented boxes, cylinders, and capsules.

Phobos3d - Phobos3d is a 3d game engine for testing game development concepts

Phobos3d is a 3d game engine for testing game development concepts. The current version supports: Input system integrated with console Data driven system for game entities configuration Basic Component system for gameplay Plugin system for game implementation Level loading from Ogitor files Supports Windows and Linux port almost complete