d3.js und Rickshaw.js

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Case use of *d3.js* library along with *Rickshaw.js*, a JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive time series graphs, willing to plot a simple array of data.




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Cytoseg - Automatic Segmentation Tool for 3D Biological Data

IntroductionThe goal of the Cytoseg project is to produce a tool for automatic segmentation of 3D biological datasets, with emphasis on 3D electron microscopy. The project is written in Python and uses the completely open source pythonxy platform (which includes scipy and ITK image processing tools). Cytoseg is currently in beta stage. Cytoseg is part of the Cell Centered Database tool set. Example Output for Mitochondria Segmentation MotivationModern electron microscopic staining and imaging te

Stocksynthesis - Stock Synthesis is a fisheries assessment developed by Richard Methot of National M

Stock SynthesisStock Synthesis (SS) provides a statistical framework for conducting assessments of exploited fish populations. Tens of fish stocks are assessed each year using this tool. SS is in the class of fish assessment models termed Integrated Analysis, aka Statistical-Catch-at-Age analysis. It is coded in C++ using Auto-Differentiation Model Builder (http://www.admb-project.org). ADMB provides an efficient approach to estimation of the tens to hundreds of parameters that may be defined wi

R4ss - R code for reading and plotting output from Stock Synthesis

R code for reading and plotting output from Stock SynthesisStock Synthesis is a fisheries stock assessment model written in ADMB by Dr. Rick Methot at the NMFS Northwest Fisheries Science Center. The R code presented here is based on the original work of Dr. Ian Stewart, also at NWFSC, and now includes contributions from various collaborators. This code makes use of the statistical software R to analyze and plot the output from Stock Synthesis version 3. Additional developments are planned, as d

R-34 - u got rick rolld

<html> <head> <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="content-type"></meta> <title>YOU GOT RICK ROLL'D</title> <style type="text/css"> 1 2<!-- 3h1 { 4 color:#cc3333; 5 font-family:"Comic Sans MS",Helvetica; 6} 7h3 { 8 color:#993333; 9 font-family:"Comic Sans MS",Helvetica; 10} 11.kisser { 12 position:absolute; 13 top:0; 14 left:0; 15 visibility:hidden; 16} 17--> 18 </style> <script type="text/JavaScript" language="JavaScript1.2"> 1 2<!-- cloak 3 4 5kisserCount = 15 //maximum number

Greg - A scalable distributed logger with a high-precision global time axis

The project source code has been moved to github: http://github.com/jkff/greg Why the name?Greg is for "Global Registrator". It is a scalable logger with a high-precision global time axis. What is it for?Who hasn't merged logs from different machines and hasn't cursed their out-of-sync clocks and the offline mode of processing? Who hasn't wondered, how much time it takes for a request to travel from one machine to the other, and hasn't cursed his logs for not being able to provide this informati

Byte-unixbench - A Unix benchmark suite

UnixBench is the original BYTE UNIX benchmark suite, updated and revised by many people over the years. The purpose of UnixBench is to provide a basic indicator of the performance of a Unix-like system; hence, multiple tests are used to test various aspects of the system's performance. These test results are then compared to the scores from a baseline system to produce an index value, which is generally easier to handle than the raw scores. The entire set of index values is then combined to make