D3E: Digital Document Discourse Envirnt

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D3E (Digital Document Discourse Environment) is a set of tools for binding a threaded discussion to a Web document/site. [d3e.sourceforge.net]




Related Projects

3DTK - The 3D Toolkit

The 3D Toolkit provides algorithms and methods to process 3D point clouds. In includes automatic precise registration (6D simultaneous localization and mapping, 6D SLAM) and other tools, e.g., a fast 3D viewer, plane extraction software, etc.

E57 3D Imaging Format

Reference Implementation of the ASTM 3D Imaging Format. A file format for interchange of 3D (laser) imaging data. (This work is not officially endorsed by ASTM.)

Blend4Web - 3D Web Application Framework

Blend4Web is a software framework for authoring and interactive rendering of three-dimensional graphics and audio in browsers, i.e. a three-dimensional engine. The platform is intended for creating visualizations, presentations, online-shops, games and other rich internet applications.

Monte Carlo eXtreme (MCX)

MCX is a Monte Carlo simulation software for static or time-resolved photon transport in 3D media. It uses GPU-based massively parallel computing techniques and is extremely fast compared to the traditional single-threaded CPU-based simulations.


Scriptable frontend for media applications.

Qt Bitcoin Trader

Mt.Gox and BTC-e Bitcoin Trading Client

LibreOffice - The Document foundation

LibreOffice is the free power-packed Open Source personal productivity suite for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. LibreOffice is the perfect choice for home users, businesses, government and other organizations. It's native file format is the ISO standardized ODF (Open Document Format), but LibreOffice can open and save Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files, as well as many other formats, bringing you the widest-available compatibility with other products.

RObotic Simulation Erlang eNgine

ROSEN means RObotic Simulation Erlang eNgine; it is a software library, written in Erlang, which simulates 3D environments and in particular autonomous mobile robots, each with its behaviour and interaction capabilities.

Proscene - Creation of interactive 3D scenes in Java

Proscene (pronounced similar as the Czech word "prosím" which means "please") is a java library package which provides classes to ease the creation of interactive 3D scenes in Processing. It has Generic suppport for Human Interface Devices.


The Registry/Repository of Representation Information for Engineering (RRoRIfE) is a Java-based tool for building up and using a repository of information about 2D and 3D modelling formats and format migration software.