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This is a DirectX 9 Graphics Client for Orbiter SpaceFlight Simulator




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Mt.Gox and BTC-e Bitcoin Trading Client

Hfm-net - HFM.NET - Client Monitoring Application for the Folding@Home Distributed Computing Project

HFM.NET Folding@Home Client Monitoring Application written for the Microsoft .NET 3.5 Platform. Project Info File Download: http://hfm-net.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/doc/ProjectInfo/ProjectInfo.tab Donate to the HFM.NET Project with PayPal. Current Version: 0.9.0 - Revision 548 - md5 (msi): eb81f52c15d4c62f07b09b79c4130be5 - sha1 (msi): d89423ceb9c7346b66e8620b3f0e458431fee8f2 - md5 (zip): dcc62a16a18a96004931ab762cc49538 - sha1 (zip): 2f2bb65b2a83482509d7092662db05e9d9f8e4d3 Release Date: March 2

Ripcord - simple php rpc library

Ripcord is an attempt to create an RPC client and server around PHP's xmlrpc library which is as easy to use as possible. You can create xml-rpc, (simplified) soap 1.1 and simple rpc clients with one call and then call rpc methods as if they were local methods of the client. You can create a server with one call, passing it any number of objects whose methods it will publish and automatically document. It is not an attempt to create a full blown SOAP client or server, it has no support for any o

Jquery-formvalidator - client side validation as a jquery plugin

jQuery plugin: formvalidatorAuthor: Perry Lucas Version: 0.9 License: Apache 2.0 Compatibility: jQuery-1.2.3+ If you'd like to send offline comments or suggestions to the author concerning this project, please send them to: formvalidator@gmail.com Introductionjquery.formvalidator is a jQuery plugin for extending a regular HTML form element into one with client-side validation. There are many built-in validations which can be applied to the form's various inputs in many different ways, which I co

Robobuildervc - PC based Remote Controller for Robobuilder Humanoid Robot

RobobuilderLib Remote ClientThis project is to create .NET based client software to enable the Robobuilder humanoid robot to be controlled using a PC. If you like this site and FREE open source code it supplies please make a donation Thank You for your support NEW - see octave plugin Robobuilder Firmware API (v1.9.9.7)This project RobobuilderLib.DLL works either : using Robobuilder Standard Firmware (2.23 or above - see http://Robobuilder.net/eng) using DCMP (Open Source Robobuilder Firmware Pro

Virtual Reality Online - 3D game engine

The VROnline project is universal 3D virtual reality engine for games with client/server architecture, free 3D camera, user configurable actions and AI scripts. It's based on C# and directX (now 9.0) technology. It can manage many data models(rpg,sims).

Hellotxtroid - Android client for Hellotxt service

helloTXTroid This an Android app client for Hellotxt.com service HelloTXTroid is now available on the Android MarketWith HelloTxt you can Post to all Microblogs at the Same Time, write a single message and you will see how it can reach different services at the same time without writing the message again for everyone of them. You need only user name and password and you have not to care for the remainder, it is all automatic.And for Android phones you have HelloTXTroid ;)HelloTXTroid it´s an an

Webenum - HTTP enumeration swiss knife

WebEnum is a tool to enumerate http responses using dynamically generated queries. It is a flexible universal tool useful to perform penetration testing to web servers. It is useful to Bruteforce web accounts and passwords Discovery directories, files and users with ~user Apache method Guess table names and columns size in SQL injection Fuzz HTTP requests including GET, POST and HTTP Header Audit webserver behaviours generating multiple HTTP requests Is available an italian tutorial in dissectin

Asterisk-sipclf - Implement SIPCLF for Asterisk Log server

OverviewThis program will allow implementation of SIPCLF based on current asterisk log files. Asterisk log files generate SIP information for transactions that are processed by main Asterisk process. Our application will read the SIP message and produce an standardized log file using the following fields according to SIPCLF draft: draft-ietf-sipclf-problem-statement-07 http://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-sipclf-problem-statement/?include_text=1 Each SIPCLF record MUST contain the mandator

Connectbot - Secure shell (SSH) client for the Android platform

ConnectBot is a Secure Shell client for the Android platform. Its ultimate goal is to create a secure connection through which you can use a shell on a remote machine and transfer files back and forth to your phone. Development TeamTwo core developers are working on the client, Kenny Root and Jeffrey Sharkey. We're both idling in #connectbot on freenode if you have questions. If you're a developer, check out details about how the current codebase is Designed. There are also mailing lists: Connec