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Related Projects

Fox Level Editor

Fox Level Editor 2d Level Editor Created By Xna 4.

Balder - 3D engine for Silverlight

3D graphics engine, targetting Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, Xna and OpenGL.

Java2dengine - Java 2D Engine

A 2D engine developed in Java. Uses JoGL for accessing hardware accelerated graphics. Features: Bresenham Line Algorithm. Bresenham Circle Algorithm. Midpoint Ellipse Algorithm. Scanline Fill for Polygon Filling. 2D Transformations (Rotation, Translation, Scalation).

Pygine - A lightweight 2d engine.

A lighweight 2d engine written in python/pygame currently being developed at a slow rate right now.

Vortex2D.NET Game Engine

Vortex2D.NET is free 2D fast graphics framework/game engine. It is replacement of XNA for pure 2D game development. Vortex2D API is very well structured, easy for beginners and powerful enough for professionals. Programming language: C#, VB.NET; OS: Win XP and later.

PolyGraph3D 3D runtime engine for Silverlight 1.0

This is a basic 3D scene graph engine that provides the essential mechanics of displaying 3-dimensional objects in a 2-dimensional viewport using Silverlight 1.0 (3D objects are drawn into any existing Canvas element). This project is 100% cross-browser JavaScript (I.E. and Fi...

tIDE (Tilemap Integrated Development Environment)

tIDE is a fully featured tile map editor for 2D platform games, RPGs etc. xTile is an XNA-based tile rendering engine for Windows, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7. Features supported include: parallax WYSIWYG layer editing, tile animation and auto tiles.

GameShop -Nano Edition-

An Amazing unification project, designed to blend all the known modern needs for high speed, very pretty AAA game projects into a single core language. It is more advanced than any other language on the Earth. It can within a single code file, blend native C#, Joint(Custom ...

Yoghurtgum - Cross platform C++ 2D-engine for mobile devices

YoghurtGum is a cross platform 2D engine that aims to make game development on mobile devices easy, fun and fast. Just like the candy its name is derived from. Currently YoghurtGum is being developed for Android, keeping Windows Mobile 6 in mind. On Android it will use OpenGL to render things on the screen while on Windows Mobile 6 it will use DirectX. Any and all commentary is welcome and encouraged.