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The D2D1Renderer is a 2D renderer for DirectX11.




Related Projects


libmylcd is a frame amp; font rendering library and toolkit designed to provide low level access to 2D hardware via a video framebuffer. Supported devices include SED133x, T6963C, PCD8544, S1D15G10, USBD480, PCF8833, PCF8814, USB13700, S1D15G14.

TCPDF - PHP class for generating PDF

TCPDF is a PHP class for generating PDF documents without requiring external extensions. TCPDF Supports UTF-8, Unicode, RTL languages, XHTML, Javascript, digital signatures, barcodes and much more.

Scorpioengine - ScorpioEngine - Free 2D/3D game engine.

ScorpioEngineScorpioEngine is a free 2D/3D game engine. FeaturesSupport Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Seven Render Direct3D 8.1, Direct3D 9 Network

Jsc3d - A web 3d object viewer using pure javascript and html canvas

IntroductionWelcome to JSC3D. This project provides a 3d object viewer for presenting 3d models and small scenes on a web page. JSC3D is coded entirely in Javascript and requires an HTML canvas to perform rendering and interactions. JSC3D does not target at a serious all-purpose 3d engine. In contrast it is made especially for online design sharing and product exhibitions. Currently JSC3D is built on pure javascript software rendering with 2d canvas technology and does not depend on webgl or plu

Blurredengine - 3D game engine

A free 3D game engine for windows development written in C++. This engine was used during production of the games "Qb" and "Chaos Theory", both developed by blurredVision. The 3D engine is based on DirectX 9.0c for rendering and uses OpenAL as Sound System. There is a scripting part using LUA 5.1. Included is a 2D GUI that provides all the basic 2D GUI elements, including windows, buttons, menus, dropdowns, lists and many more. The 3D rendering itself still uses a lot of pure DirectX code, which

Cascet2d - small framework for game developement with Java and LWJGL

An open source project for develping games with Java/LWJGL. Framework functionality consist from input handling, different UI components and utility methods for rendering and math. It's very fast to set up new projects using Cascet2D Check Wiki section for example code, download Cascet2D from downloads-section or checkout sources from svn. See javadocs for reference. Current features include: Fast project setup Text rendering Different buttons Mouse input handling Dialogs and modal windows Utili

Nupix - a 2D graphics rendering engine tailored for retro-style/pixel-art games.

newPix is a graphics rendering engine (game) written in C++ with SDL/OpenGL. It uses openGL 2.x (and cannot run on openGL 1.x yet). It has (and continues to add) new features that tailor it to games that use a retro style (pixel art, etc). It is very much in its infancy, and currently has no formal documentation or support. Please use with caution.

Csat - Small C# 3D-library

CSat is a small C# Open Source 3D-library, using OpenTK (C# binding to the OpenGL API). OS: windows, linux, osx Req: at least OpenGL 1.5, but then one have no shaders, fbo etc. Features:should work on GL1.5, GL2, GL3 loads .scene -file (ogre3d fileformat) and setups meshes, lights and camera loads simple .mesh.xml (no animation) and .material files (ogre3d fileformats) loads animated md5-models (doom3 fileformat) loads jpg, png and dds files VBO FBO bitmapFonts billboards skybox camera frustum c

E3roid - 2D OpenGL game engine for Android

About e3roide3roid is a 2D OpenGL game engine for Android platform. NEW: 07/14/2011 e3roid version 1.2.11 has been released!e3roid version 1.2.2 through 1.2.8 are deprecated because these version contains some issues. It is recommended for everyone to upgrade to the latest version of e3roid. e3roid 1.2.11 delivers:ADD: E3Scene#getHuds to retrieve all HUD sprites ADD: Add support for TMX object layers and properties FIX: Background goes behind after setting background multiple times e3roid 1.2.10

Tpl2cls - Template to Class intelligently transforms a template folder to a python module

Makes classes with render classmethod from jinja2 (and thus django as jinja2 is a superset of django) templates. {%extends%} tags are handled correctly (see example). This project was created because I didn't like rendering templates like this: tpl = get_template_from_file('tpl1.html') return tpl.render({"param1":1,"param2":16}). Instead I prefer calling return templates.tpl1_html.render(1,16) This feels safer since the render function know exactly which params it expects. (see example) This scr