d20 tools suite

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A suite of tools for D20System designed to speed up gameplay and digitize important information. Currently only consists of d20battle, which allows the user to keep track of battle information, and a command-line diceroller.




Related Projects

Librecad - Personal CAD Application

LibreCAD is a comprehensive, 2D CAD application based on the community edition of QCad. It is available in more than 20 languages. LibreCAD has been re-structured and ported to qt4 and works natively cross platform between OSX, Windows and Linux.

FOAFRealm - User Profile Management

FOAFRealm (also called D-FOAF in version 2.0) is a distributed user profile management system based on FOAF. FOAFRealm is a set of tools that enables to manipulate FOAF (Friend-of-a-Friend) information within J2EE application and provides Realm implement

D20campaigner - Tools to assist conducting D20 campaigns

A suite of tools intended to assist both player's and DMs in developing and conducting D20 campaigns

Mtcocos2d - Cocos2D bindings for MonoTouch

NOTE: MTCocos2D hasn't been updated in a little bit (and probably won't be for a bit longer) as I'm working out a method to get Objective-C bindings faster (roughly ~20% - ~40% on average compared to normal bindings with 'btouch') using a method similar to the one I describe here. ProjectMTCocos2D provides Cocos2D-iPhone bindings for MonoTouch. This project uses the "btouch" tool that comes with MonoTouch to generate bindings. MTCocos2D is provided under the same license as Cocos2D-iPhone itself

Opengl-tools - OpenGL 2.0 tools for C++ (and python!)

A collection of stand-alone classes for OpenGL 2.0 written in C++. The C-API of OpenGL is encapsulated in easy to use classes, so the programmer (you) can work more on the problem than on managing OpenGL. The code is platform independent. Sample classes include are framebuffer objects (both in 8bit RGBA and fp16 float point variants) and shaders. With the latest release a basic implementation in python has been added (Whee! :D)

Sqlpop3d - Use the SQL server to store the email in a searchable and extendable way

using Ruby as the tool to store all the incoming email to sql server ( mysql , mssql , oracle etc ) , so that the external program can directly access the email without using the POP, IMAP protocol.This can also use as a backend of the webmail server, and make use of the ROR (ruby on rails) to build the Web2.0 email application just like gmail

Route53d - Amazon Route 53 DNS frontend

Introductionroute53d is a DNS frontend to the Amazon Route 53 API. It allows you to use standard DNS tools to make changes to your Route 53 zones. At the moment it supports adding and deleting resource records by dynamic update (e.g with nsupdate). Support for slaving from your master DNS server by incremental zone transfer (IXFR) and pushing zones changes to the API is committed but not yet well tested. Grab the source to try it. Requirements Python boto 2.0+ dnspython An active Amazon Route 53

Torchtools - Torchlight tools and mods

TorchtoolsTorchTools is an open source collection of tools and programming APIs centered around Torchlight modding and editing. The project initially used Java, but it has since migrated to Python. (Note: The deprecated Java code and executables are still hosted here.) The primary toolset, SVTInfo, is a package for reading and editing Torchlight save files (SVT). The toolset is intended for both 3rd party developers (such as TorchLeech) as well as end-users (who are looking for GUI tools). Get S

Iait - Add album art to songs in your iTunes library

For: Windows version of iTunes Requires: .NET framework 2.0 iTunes songs that need album art! Tag album art into your itunes library automatically using Amazon's huge database of album covers. This little tool will search your iTunes library (or any playlist you want) for songs that need album covers tagged into them, find those album covers on Amazon.com, and add them to your song. Pretty simple and useful! Get .NET 2.0 from: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=0856EACB-436

Xsheet - d20 SRD Compatible Character Sheet

D&D character sheet, written as a full-stack web app. Technologies go from PostgreSQL and Python on the backend to JavaScript and HTML/CSS in front of the user. Features include automatic calculation wherever possible and a clean tab-based interface. Features to be added include database-backed save/load, a multi-character Dungeon Master's view, and clean enough HTML to be prettified with custom CSS. Future nice-to-haves include HTML 5, AJAX updates, password-protected characters, and other tool