D20 Chat

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D20 Chat is a chatting interface used for d20 role playing games.




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Realjabber - Jabber/XMPP/Google Talk chat with real-time text support. (Watch other person type)

realjabber - Instant Messaging with Real-Time Text Source code for realjabber, an application that streams your typing in real-time over existing, unmodified chat networks! Just like UNIX Talk, Winchat, ICQ split screen chat, AOL Real-Time IM, etc. This is a Google Talk/iChat/Jabber compatible chat program. Main Author: Mark Rejhon Homepage: www.realabber.org Language: C# (initially) License: Apache 2.0 Uses: XMPP extension XEP-0301 What is Real-Time Text (RTT)? Real-Time Text is streaming text

Dnd-map - D20Chat Client in Java

D20Chat, allowing dice rolls, digital character sheets, and maps.

Webchat2 - WebChat 2.0 - ajax & comet web based frontend, php daemon backend

A fast, highly interactive, fun chat application using a javascript, comet (real time push communication), ajax (async posting of information) modern web interface, and a custom PHP based backend daemon that interfaces between the (web) frontend and the IRC backend server. From: http://www.chabotc.com/javascript/webchat-20-first-release The project has been released under the GPL v2 licence. In laymen terms this means you can do with it what you want, but you have to contribute your changes back

Alnavo2 - Control based 2d cRPG game

update 07.IX.2009 -fixed several bugs -added music -added drinking healing/mana potions (hotkeys 1,2) Alnavo 2.0 beta 2 (1.0) release 02.IX.2009 Subik's (c) copyright 2008 - 2009 subik@poczta.fm Author: Michael Madej Artistic License Full working, just need to make some nice graphics. System Req: -Service Pack 2 for Windows XP -dotnetfx.exe (Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package) -credist.exe (Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package) 1. Starting Server for one or

Team-speak-3-dice-rolling-plugin - A TS3 Plugin which allows to role dice in chat.

A Plugin for Team Speak 3 Clients which allows using dice rolling commands in chat. Working Commands: rnd{Number} -> returning a pseudorandom number between 1 and 100 or 1 and {Number} rnd \t\t-> 42 rnd 500 \t-> 372 rtd! -> rolling a d20 #{Task} : Calculates the given tasks separated by space or comma. Each task contains of a free ammount of numbers merged by plus or minus. Each number is a fixed number or a dice command like {rolls}dx or {rolls}wx. Rolls are optional and describe how often the

Tuentidos - TDos

Dale un toque de vida a Tuenti con TuentiDos:) - Colores personalizados (Cada usuario tiene el suyo guardado) - Favoritos - Quien visita tu perfil xD (creo que son velocirraptores jajaj)) - Descarga de cualquier foto - Fondos - Notificaciones - Acceso a Tuenti personalizado - Elimina las invitaciones a eventos, juegos y paginas - Icono de estado en el panel superior de Google Chrome para saber si estás conectado a Tuenti. - Radio - Televisión - Cines y estrenos - Spotify - Elimina la publicida

Android-devs - android application for android-devs.org developers and android enthusiasts

The goal is to create an application that allows developers to easily distribute their work roms/themes/apps (specifically apps that can't be put on the android market (wifi tether) mods ect...I'd like to integrate developer profiles into the application too which would allow for easy access to donate information to help the devs get money for contributing to the android community. ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- If you see a bug, open a ticket in the issues tab! ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Par - Protocol Awareness and Research Foundation

Protocol Awareness and Research Foundation The plugins provided here comply with the requirements for third party viewers listed here. http://secondlife.com/corporate/tpv.php This software is not provided or supported by Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life. For support, please join my in world group secondlife:///app/group/ac871d02-6175-64d5-6c7e-983a8a4bc112/about LordGregGreg's Group after you have watched the videos bellow. Par provides a small handful of the features of the Emerald client,

Eist-im-20 - EIST_IM for team 20

The worlds best GWT based instant messaging system!Dear customer, in order to help you to test our code, we deployed the executables to a public web server. The messenger is available under: http://eist-im-20.appspot.com/ A short summary of implemented functions:- at first you have to register a new account if you try to login later, the application will verify if your login data is correct - then the "main"-page is shown, where you can: 1. enter existing public conversations (chat rooms), which

Nzbm-tools - tcl script to auto download nzb files from iRC

# NZBMatrix Eggdrop Script v2.0 # # Contact: doggo @ #nzbmatrix.chat P2P-Net # # Install: # # - Curl must be compiled on your system # - Edit cookie path, watch dir and regex patterns below # - Put this script in your scripts/ directory # - Add "source scripts/NZBMatrixBot.tcl" to your eggdrop.conf # - .restart your bot # # Variables: # # $watchdir - Watch dir # $patterns - Array of regular expressions to match # $section - Category of the release # $release - Release name # $download - Url to d